I've used the software to draw a trail on a stret map and also on a satellite image of a large park(See "Rockefeller Aquaduct Trail" map, by searching within 10 miles of Tarrytown, NY). After saving the mapl and later viewing it I noticed the blue trail line has shifted off the street or off the image of the trails in the park. This does not effect the calculation of the total distance of the running course which I found to be very accurate. But sometimes this "blue line" shift can be huge. When trying to print the map and give it to friends to study while they are running a new route, the blue line shifted so much as to be totally useless when printed. Sometimes the blue lines disappear entirely when printing. This new software has the potential to be extremely useful, but only after the "blue line" shift problem has been sloved. I also recommend the print feature be significantly enhanced. One should be able to indicate an area that one wants to print, and also specify a greater level of zooming so that the entire area will require up to 20 pages to print -- where the pages can be cut and pasted together. Or show the map at Zoom level 1 with lines drawn on this map for the next zoom in level -- with the ability to print a more detailed map of each 'zoomed in" area of the overall "zoomed out" map.
      JX47, The maps can be quite accurate. The trick is to zoom all the way in before mapping the route. Otherwise, the pixel translation from the mouse click on the screen to the actual point on the map can be off, which is what I think you're seeing. As to printing, I'll see what I can do. eric Smile

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        Yep, if I draw a route that is zoomed-out even one level from max-zoom and then zoom back in it can be off by a few yards. The more zoomed-out I am, the more off it is. So I try to do my routes as much from maximum zoom as possible. k

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          JX47, As to printing, I'll see what I can do. eric Smile
          FYI on a Mac you can use the "grab" utility for printing maps, it works really well.

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