Podiatrist recommendation: Reading/Wakefield, MA (Read 69 times)

    So I may have dodged a bullet, escaping what I thought was a stress fracture.  Just got the "okay" from my doctor that an x-ray of my fifth metatarsal does NOT indicate a fracture... AWESOME, but I'm looking for a good podiatrist in the area to affirm this if the pain/bruising continues.  I will stay away from running for another day or two before I test it out over the weekend.  In case it does still present me with significant pain, I'd like to get a closer look from somebody who has worked with runners in particular.  There are a number of podiatrists in the Reading/Wakefield area.  Does anybody on here have a good recommendation?  Thanks!

      Those guys are all quacks. They'll put you in a boot. Walk it off!


      (I don't know a podiatrist.)

      Runners run.

        This ones good but really far away in Cambridge