2012 Great Race in Pittsburgh, PA (Read 250 times)

    My wife and I will be participating in the Great Race 10k and 5k this coming Sunday.  Have never done this one before and was wondering if anyone has participated in this race.  We were wondering what the course was like (wife is running the 5k, I will be doing the 10), also really interested in parking, shuttle services, how early we should get there, etc. 




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      Chris, I've done the 10k in 2010. Downtown Parking wasn't bad but the shuttles fell behind and some runners didn't get to the start until after the gun. With 8k+ runners in the 10k alone, expect it to be crowded the whole way. I spent a lot of energy weaving throughout the first 3+ miles. Unless you can finagle up behind the elite corral. No one gives up space readily though.  It's a PR type of course if you get there very early to line up in front. Otherwise make it a tempo.


       The first 1/3 mile is uphill before a steady downhill for about a mile. Then its quite level through Oakland. About 3.5 miles into the race you'll again drop down onto Boulevard of the Allies. A long mile steadily climbing and too straight.  Many people will be broken here. Seems like it won't end. But it does. You'll then hit a nice downhill and cruise into the Point.  



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