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You'll ruin your knees!

    Last week, I was in Southern California on business and decided to stay over Friday night and explore part of the Pacific Crest Trail near Wrightwood, CA. I ended up doing about 25 miles on mostly single track trail above 7000 feet. I wasn't focused so much on time, and I took a few pictures along the way. If you are interested, here is a link to the pics I took... http://www.photoworks.com/share/shareLanding.jsp?shareCode=AAA28E2BDCA&cb=PW Lynn B

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      Those are awesome pictures Lynn! I think I'm beginning to appreciate trail running. I had to laugh when I saw the pictures of the rattlers. Being the city slicker that I am, I would high tail away from those things instead of taking pics of them. To each his own, right? Tongue Thanks for sharing the pics! eric Smile

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        Thanks for sharing your pics Lynn... It's good to 'see' just what someone else is doing; if my trails didn't pale toward insignificance I'd treat you all to some pics.... we got no rattlers!! Anyone else out there with their camera want to put some pics up..? Maybe your 'favourite LSD' or what you want.. All the best, Johnny

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