Multiple exercises on one day on Training plans? (Read 73 times)

    Is there a way to put multiple exercises on one day on a training plan? For example, if I want to do weights AND a run on the same day? Every time I try, it asks me if I want to delete the first exercise. I don't, so I click NO and there doesn't seem like there is a way to add a second one.



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      Strange, I put 2 runs in a day on the training plans with no issues. Are you dragging the 2nd workout below the first one?

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        Ummm never mind!  I was being lazy and just trying to drag a workout from one day to another.  Apparently, I have to drag it from the top.


          I am new to the training plans, but I was able to drag and drop workouts from one day to another (or to the same day) by holding the CTL key on a PC.


          This might be a new feature but this is what I see:


          • Add plan entry:
            Drag the desired plan item onto the calendar
          • Move plan entry:
            Drag the plan entry to a different day on the calendar
          • Edit entry details:
            Click on the plan entry
          • Copy plan entry:
            Hold the Ctrl (Mac: Options) key and drag the plan entry
          • Copy entire day:
            Drag the day header to a different day
          • Copy entire week:
            Drag the week summary header to a different week