There! It did it again! Post is vanishing when I hit "Post." (Read 647 times)

    Three times now in the last week I've typed a post, hit the "Post" button, and had the screen just refresh to a blank composition page.  The last time it happened was on this very post!  (Ironic, that...)  The other two times I was replying to a post.


    I'm using Firefox version 3.6.


    Is this happening to anyone else?

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      Here's a test from 3.6.  (edit: it worked first time)


      You might also post your operating system and if you have any add-ons installed.  I had problems because of noscript a while ago because it was disabling javascript on the site.

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        I have had posts disappear - but it is always during an edit to fix typos (and I *still* misspell things and leave out nouns and verbs...).


        I never catch myself but I think the backspace key can be dangerous and the Apple-left key is a killer. (Snow Leopard with Firefox 3.6.


        Now, when I really want to not screw up, I enter my text into a flat file and then cut & paste into the RA forum.


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          I'll look into switching to a different editor since the current one is so problematic.

            I notice whenever I am editing my notes and I hit the backspace key because I made a typing mistake, the browser behaves as if I hit the back button on the browser.  Seems to happen in the forum editor, too.  If I hit the browser forward key, it does bring me back to my page, with all my information still there.  However, very hard to get used to not using the backspace key.   

              Karen, I've noticed that if the cursor is actively in the text field (i.e., blinking in there), I'm fine; otherwise, Backspace does work like the browser's "Back" button.  That's the case for me on lots of sites, not just RA.

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