Brooks Defyance vs. Ghost (Read 470 times)


    Anyone have experience with both of these Brooks models ? I currently run in a size 10 Defyance. My local running store did not carry the Defyance, so I had read some good reviews about the Ghost and bought that - size 10 - instead. First run was 7 miles and they felt fine except I developed a small blister on inside of foot - midway between arch and ball of my left foot. Waited a week and after a 5 mile run  - same small blister - same spot.


    I also have a secon pair of shoes I rotate - Mizuno Wave Rider - size 9.5.


    Do my feet just need to get used to the slightly different shoe model ? or do i need to break them in more with shorter runs ? or do i give up and sell them online after only 12 miles Smile


      You shouldn't ever have to "break in" running shoes - they should be good from the start.  If you're getting blisters, it's likely because the Ghosts just don't fit as well as your other shoes do (or, they don't fit as well with the socks that you're wearing with them).  I have a pair that will always give me a blister on my big toe, so I've started only running shorter runs in them, leaving my better fitting shoes for longer/tougher workouts.