Toot! Toot! Goes My Own Horn (or Why Nike Should Sponsor Me) (Read 579 times)

    I set a PR last night running a loop near my house:  3.5 miles in 30:36.  That's an 8:45 mile!  I've never done that before!  I employed various tools before and after to verify the distance and it was, indeed, 3.5 miles.  I almost died - twice.  The first time upon completing the run when I was too winded to speak and thought I was literally going to fall over and die.  The second time after verifying the distance and I was so elated I thought I was going to crap myself and die of joy. 


    Since March, I've been plagued by a torn left, lateral meniscus and a relapse of childhood seizures which I haven't suffered in 20 years.  The knee hurts, obviously, and the seizure meds make me lethargic.  The seizures scare the ortho and he won't scope me until they resolve.  In any event, I've been averaging a whopping 5 miles per week (and an occasional 5k race) which I don't even bother to log.  All the more astounding that I ran so fast last night!  It gives me hope that I can soon accomplish my sub-30 5k goal.


    Oh, and the reason I decided not to crap myself?  My dh came home last night from a week-long trip to the Portland/Seattle area.  While he was there he had a meeting with Nike and scored me a TON of free running gear!  I, of course, suited up last night from head-to-toe in my free swag - bra, shirt, shorts, and shoes!


    Nike's new motto?  "Helping even the average woman achieve her personal best!"  With a picture of my smiling face, of course!

    Princess Cancer Pants

      Nice job, girl!  I'm gradually finding myself in the Nike camp, too.  I really like their clothes and am loving my new pair of Lunarglide+ shoes.

      I hope your seizures soon ease-up so that you can have your knee treated and be off the meds that have you feeling not your best.

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        nice job, lady!!!


        you are DEFINITELY on your way to a sub 30 5k. keep up the great work!!