Anybody ever run a marathon/other race naked? (Read 168 times)


    If you have, how was the experience?

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      People have.

      For reasons unimaginable.

      It was a flop.

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        Oh, come on!

        Where would they pin their bib? Hmmm?

        And don't say on their SPIblet because then they would hardly be naked, would they?

        Glute Force

          I ran a half last year and passed a guy who only had a patients gown on as if he had just escaped from the emergency room. He was barefoot and his gown was open on the back. He got a lot of attention from the crowd & TV coverage Smile

          Half Crazy K 2.0

            A few years ago someone posted about a whole nude racing series (NSFW). Once you click on that link, you can't unsee it.

              Was it a flop? Or a flop, flop, fop, flop?

                Ran a 5k at a nudist camp in Depew OK, Oakdale Trails Naturalist Park some years ago.   Shorts were optional, but I didn't go not to do it right.  It was not chip timed and it was very laid back.  The one thing I was worried about turned out not to be a problem.  A few guys tried to hold junior in place, but most just let it all hang out. A few of the more endowed women wore sports bras but not bottoms.  It was a fun event, no issues and no leering.  I didn't linger after the run.
                Just went to their website and it doesn't appear they still have the race.


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                  Yep, it's fun!  They used a marker to write each person's "bib number" on their hip.  Smile





                        Where would they pin their bib? Hmmm?


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