good ones (Read 639 times)



      I disagree.  These are not good ones.


      Although, when the BBQ is awash, it is hard to cook.


        All the artifice after the ball is why every man should own a Hugo Boss clothing .


        for those who make it all the way to the end it at least finishes strong. 


        much like James Joyce's 'Ulysses', this writing will challenge you but in the end reward you. 

        In an infinite universe, the one thing sentient life cannot afford to have is a sense of proportion





          I think the problem is basal astriction.  I didn't know it had a logo.

          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

             christian louboutin sandal wedges


            I'm liking the look of these; do they suit a mild to moderate over-pronator?  are they available in a 10.5 UK fit?

            My leg won't stop mooing.


            i think i've got a calf injury.