misc updates (Read 1718 times)

    Greetings folks! I just uploaded some minor updates. They are: - fixed the missing profile picture for some of you (i.e. PARunner) - added a remove elevation button on the map's tool bar. It's the one similar to the elevation button, but with an X over it. It's useful if the elevation lookup went bad and you want to redo it. - pre-populate the course distance field in the run entry page using first the course's default distance, then the map's distance - private maps now have a lock instead of the globe icon next to them on the course list. Note that only you can see the lock icon. Anyone else looking at your course list will not see the lock icon, because they cannot see these private maps. - the course list now has a column with the course's distance. The distance is the default distance that you entered. If you didn't put in a default distance, but created a map, it will display the map's distance. eric Smile
    Shari Lyn

      Is there a way to enter a run entry without putting the course down?? I ask this only b/c there are a few workouts I do on the treadmill not outside. Thanks!! Shari Smile
        Shari, You will always need a course for your runs. When I run on the treadmill, I would use a course named "Treadmill". For random runs, or routes that I only do once, I have a course named "Random Routes". This way, you don't have to keep creating courses for every single run. eric Smile
        Shari Lyn

          Thanks!!! Big grin