Garmin Battery Replacement Service (Read 250 times)

Hey, nice marmot!

    Thanks for posting this link.  I sent him an old Forerunner 205 with a dead battery.


    I don't know if dude is a watch repairman or not, but he soldered that shit like a straight up gangsta.  It's now working like new.  And he did it for half of what it would have cost to send it back to Garmin.  And, five days after I mailed it to him, it was back in my mailbox.  (Note:  we live on opposite coasts)


    So, long story short, I'd HIGHLY recommend this guy.  High quality work for a very reasonable price.



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      My Garmin 405 went bad after 4 years - not holding a a charge.  Since it was out of warranty, I elected to send it to Garmin.  They charged me a flat fee of $89 and sent me a refurbished Garmin 405 within 7 business days of receipt of my unit.  Though my "new" unit is supposed to be refurbished, I do not see any indication it was used previously.  It is like a "new" unit.  The refurbished unit comes with a 90 day warranty.  So while the Garmin service is a bit more expensive, I like that it is backed by Garmin.