Toe bump, phalanges (Read 629 times)

    My second toe has a round bump or knob on it, on the beginning of the phalanges bone next to the joint with the metatarsal.  It's a round bump on top, and feels tough like it could be bone perhaps.  I'm not sure when it could have formed, but I know that area has been sore a few times after trying to adjust from heel-striking to mid- or forefoot-striking.  Could it be out of place or healed funny from a small injury?  It doesn't hurt at all to walk or run on.  Thanks.

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      One possible cause could be your foot sliding forward in the shoe, thus having your toes bang against the front of the shoe.   That is more likely to happen with a mid-forefoot strike versus a heel strike.  Check the fit of your shoe.  

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        Could be a bone spur.   An x-ray will tell.  Smile


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