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    For what it is worth from someone who doesn't claim to have any real knowledge on how to run is keep it simple.  Don't over think it, get outside, run slow and enjoy what you can accomplish.  Keep at it and you will improve your performance and don't compare yourself to others.  I only look to see if I am making my own benchmarks.



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      You can also join a running group. Don't feel obligated to run beyond what you're comfortable with.


      some of these groups could be informal. Check meet up groups in your area.


        Pardon my ignorance, but I don't really understand what you all mean by trail running. I live on 10 acres of woods and my hubs sometimes mows a trail for us to walk through, is that the kind of trails you mean, or do you mean like a gravel or paved trail? Do you just take off running in the woods?  If that is the case, I am set for life on trail running. Woods everywhere, here.


        I am going to be in a wooded area near the lake this weekend, so it is very hilly there, too.  This will be an adventure, I will just take it slow!...

        Who needs a runner-unfriendly road when you've got woods in your backyard.? Smile Usually "trail" refers to a dirt pathway that could be wide enough for one or maybe two people - or wide ski trails. Fire roads are usually lumped in there also. Sometimes gravel roads might be considered a trail if it's in a remote area.


        Depending upon how many trees or branches or shrubs are across your trail, you might want to be careful how you start.


        But it sounds like you've got great running opportunities without going anywhere. "Adventure" is a great way to describe trail running. JUst focus on running, not at any particular pace or effort. Enjoy!

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          Running outside is a little harder than running on the treadmill.

          I usually run with the treadmill on a 1% grade to help make up some of the difference.

          Also you will have to run at a slightly pace until your body adapts.



          Maggie & Molly

            Running outside is great...you won't believe how much faster the time flies!  As a runner Spring is like some long-deserved gift.  Get out there and take it! Smile


            BTW, kudos on your progress.  9 weeks of running is a solid commitment.  You've got this!

            this.   spring is the present you've been waiting for all winter Smile  enjoy the outdoors!

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              If you spend any time on these forums, you will notice that a high percentage of runners hate HATE the treadmill. It's all we complain about in the winter, how the weather sentences us to time on the hamster wheel. I am one of the crazy northerners who runs in subzero windchills, blizzards & freezing rain to avoid the mill. Someone here keeps track of "more miles than degrees" points, where you have a run of more miles than the temperature in degrees F. (I have done it twice!) So if this many people find it better to run outdoors in these kind of conditions, imagine how much more enjoyable it is with any half decent weather. So I predict you will soon wonder what you were waiting for, and how you were ever so attached to that thing.

              Good luck & enjoy the great outdoors!!


              Feeling the growl again

                Lately I run mostly treadmill...not because I prefer it, but because I have a young family.


                That said, I can understand the difficulty transitioning to outside.  Once you, do, IMHO, you will like it better.


                If you have trails mowed on your own property, why not run them?  Better than a road with traffic.


                Do whatever feels fun and keeps you going.  That is what is most important.

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