Pistorius: a hero, yes, but not an Olympian - Mick Hume (Read 1154 times)


    "In his appeal to the Court of Arbitration, Pistorius was represented by Jeffrey Kessler, a Manhattan lawyer well known in the U.S. for negotiating collective bargaining agreements on behalf of N.F.L. and N.B.A. players. Kessler demolished the I.A.A.F.’s case, and it may not have been that difficult to do so. “All of it was pretty much nonsense,” Herr said of the I.A.A.F.’s conclusions. Another member of the team that tested Pistorius in Houston, Peter Weyand, a professor of applied physiology and biomechanics at Southern Methodist University, put it differently. “They brought the wrong scientific case forward,” he told me.

    The unanimous verdict of the three arbitrators said that the data assembled from Pistorius at Rice showed that he used “the same oxygen amounts” and “fatigued normally.”"


    Running is stupid

      At jogging paces.

      Runners run.

      Feeling the growl again

        The irony.


        Apparently Oscar feels that only his blades are the proper length and any longer confer an unfair advantage.

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          I was surprised to hear he competed both in the normal olympics and the paralympics; i found it unfair.

          and now this.

            Yes, he claims that he can't compete with Alan Oliveira's stride length which he believes is the result of Cheetah Blades that are too long. Unfortunately it turns out that Oliveira's stride length is shorter than Pistorius' and that his blades are within the rules.


            Welcome to the slippery slope!

            Runners run.

              I hate entering races with runners who have longer strides than me too.  I wish something would be done to make everything more fair.

              Imminent Catastrophe

                Apparently the IPC rules are different from the IAAF rules for this sort of thing. Slippery slope, indeed.

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                  I was surprised to hear he competed both in the normal olympics and the paralympics; i found it unfair.

                  and now this.


                  No, no, what's unfair is that he didn't get gold at both. They need to ban the people that beat him.

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