Override "date cannot be in the future" ability (Read 312 times)


    I am using this log as a Coach and want my runners to be able to see upcoming workouts, I could use a training plan but it cannot be as detailed with choosing a course, which could also be a fix but I want the ability to not have to go in later to get it to look like I want it to.


      It will not be possible to log workouts in the future because conceptually, the log tracks what has passed.  The problem is not with the log.  Rather, it's a shortcoming of the training plan functionality.  When I first designed the training plan editor, I asked around for the type of information people have in their plans.  The feature itself is left intentionally simple because I want everyone to focus on the training and not the creation of the plan.  I'll think about how best to incorporate course information, but can't provide you with when it will be added.