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Consistently Slow

    Goal 15-18 miles. Back to car at mile 3. In need of water and food. Sit in car and realize I am exhausted(8 miler yesterday) and starving. Drove 22 miles to the horse park. There is noway I can stop at 3 miles. Drive 6 miles to get peanut butter cookies. Drive back. Eat 3 packs of cookies. 37F and 35 mph wind gust. Reset the watch.OK, I need to make it at least a 6 mile day. I make it to 4.5 mile and decide I can keep going .Mile 8 two hours without water. Mile 10 I see the parking lot across the street. I really need some water but this is need the trail I came in on. Stay on the trail and get back to the car after .5 mile. 13.5 mile done. Get in the car for water,cookies and warmth. OK, there is noway real runners stop  at this point. I only need 1.5 miles. Out the car. Gust of  cold wind hits me. Do I real need to do this. It is only 1.5 mile. I start to run. To cold to walk. 14 mile mark  the voice in my head says" real runners would do the 4.5 miles to reach 18. Why I am I listening?I finally reach mile 17. No small feat. I start walking the cool down on and open field. The wind  blowing hard now. Luckily the wind  is at my back. I see the car.  but I still need 0.75 miles. The last quarter mile is straight into the wind. I make it Thanks to all my virtual  running partners. Little Rock marathon March 3. #38.

    Run until the trail runs out.

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     The pain that hurts the worse is the imagined pain. One of the most difficult arts of racing is learning to ignore the imagined pain and just live with the present pain (which is always bearable.) - Jeff

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      Way to tough it out!!!

      And you can quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Groucho Marx



        Holy crap. You are much tougher than I am. Smile

          Way to go! Oh, and that just confirms it: cookies are clearly magic.


            Way to go! Oh, and that just confirms it: cookies are clearly magic.


            +1. Cookiessssss. Big grin

            Right on Hereford...

              Way to tough it out. My friends and I have a Sunday long run. Somebody will do water drops out on the course, and we always have beer (yes, at 10am) and chocolate chip cookies when we're done. All of these really help with the motivation.


              More cowbell!

                Niiiice work!  The payoff for those sucktastic workout experiences is that when the gremlins in your mind talk during a race, you can fire right back by saying this isn't even close to as challenging as that long run.

                STILL HAVING FUN!!!

                  Ok, I was about to skip my run today but I think I'll head out the door now. Smile


                    I had to get a long run in yesterday, but had only 90-100 minutes between chores, and had to watch the kids.  So the treadmill it was again.  The first mile felt very hard, got off thinking I can get a run in later in the evening, had a drink of water, then decided to give it another go, no dice, got off a mile in again.  But plans change and I remember had more stuff to do in the evening so back on the dreadmill, the first 20 min was a struggle, but then got into a groove and finished out the planned 10 miles.  Longest run on the machine by a big margin.  Will not do that again if I have a choice.

                      I love reading stories of how people challenged themselves to continue running.  It is easy to quit but a lot harder to continue on.


                      Nice work people.  Keep it up.  Anyone else with a good story of toughing it out this past week.

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