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    I couldn't repost either, but I did see the car VERY Nice!

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      Here's a shot of mine. Actually a 1970 Boss 302 in grabber blue would be my real dream. This was as close to it as I could afford. http://m227.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/mwillis68/mustang/VIDEO0024.mp4.html http://m227.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/mwillis68/mustang/IMAG0621.jpg.html Willis Ok, I'm doing this on a tablet and not having any luck. I guess you can follow the links.

       Cars just don't sound like that anymore.  



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      Needs more cowbell!

        I don't have anything specific in mind...perhaps a Subie rally car.  Something with a hatchback, so I can throw a bike or two in the back.  Plus Subarus get preferential parking at the Iceman Cometh race.


        I can't see ever owning anything but a hatchback, at this point.  I love the utility in a small vehicle.  AWD would be nice here in MI.  And a rally car would be a scream to drive.

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        Imminent Catastrophe


          The James Bond Aston Martin DB5 with gadgets (machine guns, ejector seat, oil slick, etc) from Goldfinger is the all-time ultimate dream car. Unfortunately it didn't fare so well in "Skyfall".

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          Needs more cowbell!

            Unfortunately it didn't fare so well in "Skyfall".


            All 3 of my family members gasped and whimpered. Sad

            '17 Goals:

            • Keep doing stuff.

            Needs more cowbell!

              And this is hot (and it's a hatchback!)

              '17 Goals:

              • Keep doing stuff.

                maybe this:


                The spectacular 1961 Ford Thunderbird Custom Roadster "Thunderflite"


                The spectacular 1961 Ford Thunderbird Custom Roadster "Thunderflite"

                  Self driving car, so that I can sleep or read or work... Coming within my lifetime (hopefully).


                  MTA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdgQpa1pUUE


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                    Ferrari 458

                    Chasing the bus

                      Ferrari 458


                      Oh, that's not fair...how do i report porn?!

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                        This is me in my car,a 71' GTO,in the burnout box at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove WI

                        Honestly,my dream car would be a midnight blue 65' GTO with a 4-speed.

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                          I drive my dream car. A BMW 335i convertible (retractable hardtop) (mine is black).


                          However, if money was no object, I'd get an M3 Convertible.


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                            I'm already driving it.



                              I told you folks I've met BCR right? Well this is what he pulled up in. He was in search of a "sidekick" for his villainous self.


                              Despite having "The Mystery Machine" painted on the side I seem to recall him calling it something else.


                                Despite having "The Mystery Machine" painted on the side I seem to recall him calling it something else.



                                I'm reminded of this little gem:


                                Roses are red

                                Violets are blue

                                I've got a gun

                                Get in the van

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