Non-running earbud recommendation. (Read 25 times)


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    Okay, in a rare display of cooperation, my FIL has actually thrown out a tangible, purchasable suggestion for a Christmas gift for him: a pair of earphones that he can listen to on his frequent work-related flights, that will keep out ambient noise.


    After some discussion, it sounds like, while he'd rather have the over-ear type (for comfort), he wouldn't be interested in carrying them around, and I don't see any that will collapse down into a reasonable package.  On-ear, sure, but not over-ear.  So, I think we're in earbud territory.


    Looking for suggestions on good ones, that excel at keeping out ambient noise.  Both he and I know how difficult it is to find earbuds that fit the highly personalized ear canal - he's been down that road before, and the long and short of it is, he needs 'buds that have an ear hook to keep them in place (poor guys' only in his 50's, and already has "old man's ears").


    Price needs to be in throwing distance of $50 (which of course rules out any good noise-canceling earphones I've seen).  Any suggestions?

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      I've been sporting these for years.  I travel/fly a lot and they work great.  Cheap, durable, and great sound for the price.  Blocks out a lot of ambient sound.  No "ear hook" but they work great in my big ears using the large silicon .  Probably not advisable but I even sleep with them in on planes.


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