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    Well this morning I woke up and had an epiphany. After yesterday's 'Bad run' I felt tired and stressed all day. My friends at the Playcentre where my children attend were so concerned about me that they said I should take the day off today (it's a parent cooperative and you have to work there to attend) they all said I looked anemic. I know I am not anemic as I have more blood tests than anyone else in the world due to my blood condition. Anyhow by yesterday evening I felt really weak and had a slightly sore throat. Then I wake up today to a soaring temperature, a very sore throat and a terrible cough. I have never been so excited to be ill Smile I am certain that yesterday's run was affected by the begining of my illness. I even found pushing the two younger kids in the pushchair difficult as I felt really weak yesterday. I know it sounds stupid but this makes me really happy as I have never had a run that I hated before! This all brings me to the point - I won't run tomorrow if I still feel like this. How well do you have to be to go back out there? Should I just leave it up to my body? i.e. if I feel well enough to want to go out then I am probably ok to run again. Claire xxx
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      LOL - well. I sure hope you get over your your cold/flu soon Smile I'll let those more experienced answer about getting back on training - as I'm a wuss and would stay off training until I got rid of the cough (then again, I have asthma and I dislike having any kind of breathing/respiratory issue)
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        I'd suggest waiting until the fever and the cough are gone. General rule-of-thumb says if you're feeling sick above the neck to go ahead and run, but if the symptoms are below the neck (like phlegm in the lungs...) to rest. Feel better soon!

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          Ahhh...that makes sense. I think I would give yourself at least 2-3 days from the time you first registered a high temp until you try running again. Someone on here recently ran a marathon while ill and ended up with pneumnoia, if I remember correctly. That reminds me, I don't think I have been sick even once since I started running. This is pretty impressive, since I am very prone to sinus infections and the last couple of Falls my son has brought home every bug from school and "shared" with me. I think running really boosts one's immune system. k

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            thumbs up wings! hope you get to feeling better soon Claire!

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              I've got a cold too - slightly sore throat and a bit of stuffiness in my head, the occasional cough, a bit of general loopiness. It's annoying! Angry

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                  Hey kook, Glad to hear you're sick Confused...but, get well soon (you too, Christina!)... Lynn B

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                    feels a bit weird to congratulate you on being sick but.....congrats!!! Wink