Share Workouts (but View-only) (Read 655 times)


    How about creating a 2nd password tied to a Username that (via a pull-down) can be designated "view only" -- so that one can share workouts and progress with friends (by giving them your Username and the guest view-only password) but not be concerned that changes (even inadvertantly) can be made by guest viewers? Eric S. (CA)
      Hi Eric! Wow, this place is filled with Erics. What gives? I do like the password idea but never seem to have time to get to it. Right now, the log has only two modes: public and private. Private means no one can view your data, and public means everyone can see it. Even if you make your log public, which many did with theirs, only the owner of the log (you) can modify the data. eric Smile added: you can change your log to be public by going to Options (upper right hand corner), then "My Log Preferences".