Sometimes, Christmas feels like a marathon... (Read 546 times)


    Happy Holidays everyone. Yesterday, was Christmas with my Dad. Today is Christmas with my Mom. Tomorrow, my husband I and I negotiated with Santa to drop some gifts off here early and the rest on the real Chistmas at their other parents' houses. This means, our Christmas with the kids is tomorrow. Then....it's off to the in-laws for Christmas with them and my sister in law has a scheduled c-section on the 26th. I haven't had time to run, but I sure have had some time to drink!! My Christmas toast to RA members: Raise a glass to RA and Eric, who have endured an onslaught of homeless runners in the last few days and decided this place looked pretty good (if not better than the from whence they came). May your holiday be beautiful and Merry. May your New Year be filled with wonderful, injure-free runs and lots of personal bests. Happy Holidays Running Ahead!

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      Cheers to you, too! Hope you survive your Christmas with your sanity and your liver still intact! Wink Cheers to RA and Eric - and - aha, tonight it's time for me to send some Paypal cheer to RA. Arla

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        Cheers (raises glass of Cranberry soda - not a drinker any more - too many brushes with drunken death)!Thanks ladies and Merry Christmas to y'all. Juststarted, I hope you are able to carve out some peaceable time to enjoy the holiday and don't hit the Christmas marathon wall! Sounds like a more than busy holiday. Arla, again nice to have met you and you have a blessed holiday as well. Cheers! Smile

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