Cycling not showing up in summary (Read 749 times)


    Cycling not showing up in summary. Should it? Thanks in advance.
      Hi swood, Only running stats show up on the summary page right now. I haven't figured out a clean way of summarizing cross training data, which is why I haven't done it yet. So for now, you'll just have to rely on the monthly calendar for non-running stats. eric Smile

        I'd personnally like running to be separate from cross training summary. That way I know what my actual running is versus cross training (i.e. soccer, spinning, elliptical, etc.) Thanks.
          Maine-iac, The cross training data will definitely be separate from the running data. Otherwise, it'll be like comparing apples to oranges. You could start logging your cross training (i.e. soccer, spinning, elliptical) as what they are, and in a month or two, I should have the summary stuff done.

            Eric - Thanks. I'll continue to log my cross training as I have been and look forward to seeing the updates to the site. Great job - keep it up!