Vote on the Black Cactus Logo (Read 525 times)


    Abdi Abdirahman is trying to decide how to brand himself and opened up logo designs to his fans. There are three finalists, and a friend of mine is one of them. You should go over and vote for your favorite one, and leave a comment about what you think of them. You can see the 3 finalists here: http://www.flocasts.org/flotrack/abdi08.php Voting ends next week. Obviously I'd appreciate you voting for my friend's design, but as it is the only one that is professional, marketable, and easily recognizable I don't think he'll have much trouble winning. So if you like one of the others, by all means vote for that one instead. But I think you'll like my friend's logo the best. Here's a photo of my buddy and Abdi at the Olympic Trials before my friend found out about Ryan Shay dying:

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