2019 Sub 3 hour marathon thread (Read 674 times)


    Week 2/12 complete.  Nothing too exciting, just a long run, a lactate threshold, and 100+ miles total.  This week will be similar except no workout and a slightly longer long run (20).


    M - 5.7 / 5.7

    T - 15 / 5.7

    W - 11 (w/ 5 mile LT in 27:43) / 5.7

    R - 5.7 / 5.7

    F - 12 / 5.7

    S - 8.2 (w/ 8 strides)

    S - 18.1 (first 13 in 6:40s, last 5 in 6:20s)

    Total 104.7


    Stotan Disciple


       Decription   Type Dist. Time Effort\Pace Link
      7/28/2019 12 mi Slow   Run 12.0 mi 1:38:31 8:12
      7/27/2019 19 mi Slower   Run 19.0 mi 2:47:16 8:48
      7/26/2019 5.5 mi Slowest   Recover 5.5 mi 51:38 9:28
      7/26/2019  10 Mile   Run 10.1 mi 1:24:47 8:24
      7/25/2019  Mona Fartlek   Workout 9.6 mi 1:22:16 8:36
      7/24/2019 4mi Easy evening   Recover 4.1 mi 38:45 9:22
      7/24/2019 10 mi 5 easy out  5 Hurry up finish   Run 10.3 mi 1:26:56 8:26
      7/23/2019 11 Mi w 2,.5 mi Tempo   Workout 11.9 mi 1:31:59 7:43
      7/22/2019 Hillsprints   Workout 6.6 mi 1:04:45 9:47



      My week, gradually increasing my mileage felt good. Excited about a road mile on Sunday 8/4 not going to taper or take it easy. May even do my long run in the evening. Train through it!


      Madison thats a solid 2nd week. good dstuff cant wait to see the results.


      DW solid week as well, pool running?? Sounds like a great idea for a friend.


      Kram Runner sorry about the PF i was going to say why are you slacking but then towards the end the 2 URDs and the PF you're a little OCD to have still done the workout. As soon as I get pain 3 days that's my cure for everything. You stuck a workout in between 2 URD tells me feel like you shouldn't have done. Just start the week with two more rest days apply heat and ice. Get CBD Oil its been a life saver for everything. I rubbed my feet down with it as I still  struggle with PF and extensor tendinitis. btw its from Hemp so no need to worry about drug test..

      Thinking should be done first, before training begins.


        Madison: Just a crazy week.  Sounds like an excellent marathon training cycle is underway.


        Nimmals: Excellent looking week.  Good luck with the race effort.


        JT:  Sounds like you had an excellent trip.  Great job still getting in the mileage over there.


        DW:  Great looking week.  Nice job getting back on the track.  Plenty of time to get that sharpness back too.


        Kram: Nice looking set of workouts and a solid week overall.  Stinks that the PF keeps flaring up though and hoping you can keep that down.


        Me: Happy with my week and took advantage of some decent weather (for us) on several days where the temps dropped into the mid 70's (instead of near 80) and even had several days, like my LR on Saturday with cloud cover.  Also got in my most volume since late March getting the mileage back into the mid 80's with the 2 noted quality days below:


        Also finally picked up a pair of the Vaporfly Next % and damn I must say that they are certainly different and very springy even when standing and/or walking (haven't run in them yet though).  Although, I'm likely going to exchange them for a 1/2 size larger size my toes are a bit cramped.  I've heard they run a very snug fit, but like the bit of room in my toe box.  Obviously won't be able to run in them until I get the right size, but even then will save them for racing.


        Weekly Summary
        Monday, Jul 22, 2019 thru Sunday, Jul 28, 2019









        Steamy Hi-Point





        Afternoon miles





        Pulled pork, beer, and ice cream do not settle well 💀😳





        Warm up





        2T + 1T + 800R + 400R + 4 X 200R





        Cool down





        Afternoon Run





        We encountered Trader Sam on the trail





        EZ + strides





        Long EZ warm up





        20min T + 4 X 200R





        Long c/d





        Bought these guys yesterday 💰🤔🏃






        5K: 16:15 (3/20)  |  10K: 33:40 (4/20)  |  HM: 1:15:53 (12/19)  |  FM: 2:40:30 (1/20)


          Doesn't seem like the heat has gotten to anyone, lots of strong weeks!


          I'm still on the DL, ran 2x this weekend <20 minutes, both were not great. I'll likely try again tomorrow or Wednesday!

          3K: 8:29.12 (2017)     5K: 14:56.59 (2016)     8K: 25:27 (2016)     15K: 54:46.2 (2019)     FM: 2:58:48 (2019)

          cinnamon girl

            Ended up running half marathon in San Francisco Sunday. I had a free entry (masters only needed < 1:28 I think) from when I registered a long time ago but then as it got closer I was like, I’m not in any mood or shape to race a half so I registered for the 5k. But when I went to the expo for bib pick-up, I picked up my bib and stuff for the half too because I thought whatever would be in the goodie bag might be nice to have – then I saw the elite corral on my bib and I was like hmmm.... Ended up not being able to sleep that night and so I tossed it over what I felt like doing. Come 4am I’m up so I’ll do the half. I had only brought shoes with me that I would wear for a 5k and the course is hilly so it was a little risky for me (for PF mainly) but I went with the half anyways. It was tough to rationalize not getting in a decent effort med-long run in cooler temps. 1:26:33 (13.22 mi per Garmin). 13th F. 2nd Master F (to a 40 yo ) 2nd OA age-grading 84.67%. I was the only one I saw who kneeled for the national anthem. I do what I can.


            Madison: nothing exciting? Your week is entirely just (not!) that

              Cinnamon: Congrats on the excellent race and placing! You and Mikkey are age-grading through the roof!  Hope you did not get any PF flare up from the shoes. BTW, I would also go to the concert if only to see TOOL; they are incredible. Saw Korn in 1995 as the opening act for Ozzy and was not impressed, but maybe they were still a work in progress back then?


              Mikkey: If you and Cinnamon do Berlin next year I'd really be looking forward to the post-race beer! 


              DW: Nice week; always good to feel strong especially for the long runs.  I just finished reading Running to the Edge; I'm guessing you have read/are reading it?  I though it was great; really interesting to see how the training philosophy developed over the decades. I have a lot of respect for Larsen after reading it, and it only added to my respect for Meb and Deena.


              Kram: Your LT sessions have been great; vintage Kram type of stuff. I hope that pesky PF goes away.


              Madison: Great week and mileage; your training is very inspiring to follow.


              Nimmals: Nice mileage; you made me do that math and add it up  90+ is getting up there. Any goal time for the road mile?


              Weather: Strong week; nice to take advantage of a bit of a break in the heat down there. I'll be curious how you find the VFs. Will you do at least some of your quality long runs with them?


              MMC:  On the DL... are you still having injury problems or just busy with other things? Hope the injuries are healing up.


              Me: Got back to the US yesterday and it's great to be reunited with our animals.. we were all missing them. Went for a run in the afternoon and the heat, humidity and mosquitoes/horseflies were brutal. It got hot while we were in Rome but at least was not humid and no bugs! Overall not big mileage for the vacation: 43 and 53 miles for the two weeks and no quality, but at least got in long runs each week of 16 and 20 miles. Back to it this week.

              2:52:16 (2018)


              Stotan Disciple

                Cinnamon - Thank you for doing what you can it is appreciated.


                JT- No goals maybe if I don't feel too shabby I will run a 4:30 but with no one to push me, I may run both the open and the Masters.

                Thinking should be done first, before training begins.


                Taper Czar

                  JT - welcome back! Those are pretty good weeks for being on vacation and will set you up perfectly for your final push here. Please mark my Heart & Sole 5K as a DNS due to heat, and add me in for a race this Saturday. Goal is still 16:59.


                  Nimmals - How do you normally taper for shorter races? I'm curious what the right strategy is for a 5K, for both your "goal" race and intermediate ones. For my intermediate ones, I don't exactly fully train through, but I try to keep the mileage up and just take slightly lower mileage the day or two before.


                  Weather - walking around in them is the most goofy, they feel much more normal when you start running at MP or faster.


                  cinammon - very nice on the half! That age grading is certainly absurd. I wonder who has the highest AG on these boards between you, Mikkey, and DW


                  Me - Running a 5K this weekend. So far, I'm 0-2 for this summer, with one being run in very warm temps and the other cancelled due to 100 degree temperatures. Forecast was looking great for Saturday, but each day the temps and dew points have creeped up. I really think dew point is more important to me than temps as discussed earlier, and it's gone from a 62 degree forecast (not bad, not good) to 69 (uh oh). Anyway, I'll probably still go for 16:59 and just suffer in the third mile if I won't make it. I'll also add that I had the WORST calf cramp of my life overnight, where I woke up and almost screamed in pain. I've never had a cramp in a race before and hope that what I experienced is not what it's like in a race for those of you that get it. Anyway, my calf is very sore today so I hope it heals up in time for the race.

                  5K: 16:51 (8/19)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:15:28 (3/20)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


                  Next Race: Whatever COVID-19 will allow me to run 


                  Stotan Disciple


                    Nimmals - How do you normally taper for shorter races? I'm curious what the right strategy is for a 5K, for both your "goal" race and intermediate ones. For my intermediate ones, I don't exactly fully train through, but I try to keep the mileage up and just take slightly lower mileage the day or two before.



                    I employ a very similar strategy. For "intermediate" if they fall in a marathon cycle I typically train through it keep the early week mileage regular.

                    After Wednesday I may scale back a tiny bit.

                    Thursday, do as short Mona, up to 6 miles.

                    Friday take it really easy 4-8 miles really slow.

                    Race Sat or Sunday



                    However if its a goal race then I taper hard from Wednesday. Earlier in the week I scale down my training to so instead of 4x 2k as is customary on Tuesdays


                    Tuesdays I do (2x 2k, 2x 1k) or (4x 1k).

                    Wednesday I usually do Beck's Burn bracket if traveling Friday to an AWAY Race Saturday\Sunday.

                    If it's a local Saturday race I do it on Thurdsday..


                    I know Beck has it slated it as a marathon specific workout done two weeks to 10 days out. I feel like its such a useful taper workout  for 5k and 10Ks  its short, its sweet, works out to a mile faster than 5k  useful for turnover\speed confidence and 1.5 miles @ marathon stress free easy work.

                    Thinking should be done first, before training begins.

                    Brewing Runner

                    3:56 marathoner at heart

                      Anyway, I'll probably still go for 16:59 and just suffer in the third mile if I won't make it. 


                      DO IT! Everyone loves a good story and I have confidence in you're ability to suffer.

                      See the source image

                      1 mile: 5:38 (September 2018)

                      5K: 20:23 (March 2018)

                      10K: 42:11 (May 2018)

                      Half: 1:29* (2019 CIM first half)

                      Marathon 2:59* (2019 CIM)

                      Annual Miles 2,121 miles

                      *CIM is a NET downhill course and the weather is unpredictable.


                      2020 Goal: Short Distance PRs so people won't make fun of me. 


                      Mother of Cats

                        Quick drive-by:


                        Cinnamon - congratulations on an excellent race - from what I understand, that course is not a particularly fast one.


                        Regarding the earlier discussion on CBD oil earlier - just one caution - CBD oil and hemp products are not SUPPOSED to test positive for anything - it's THC that is the banned substance, and THC shouldn't be in CBD oil or hemp products.  Problem is that manufacturers can be more or less careful in their practices, so some THC might make it in anyway.  USADA published a notice on the risks.


                        [I do use hemp powder as my protein powder, but I'm fairly comfortable in doing so because I found some independent tests indicating that the hemp brands I use are free of THC]

                        Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


                        And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.

                        Elite Jogger



                          cinammon - very nice on the half! That age grading is certainly absurd. I wonder who has the highest AG on these boards between you, Mikkey, and DW




                          You forgot about Slammin. He’s older than he looks. 😉


                          Cinnamon - Congrats! Very impressive with little preparation!


                          JT - I hope you enjoyed the trip, my wife and her mate went to Italy last month and I had to facetime her daily....not because she missed me, but because she wanted to see the dogs. Yeah remind me about Berlin when they do registration as I might be up for it. 👍


                          JMac - 16:59 or bust...even if you have to puke up and keel over on the finish line. You can do it!

                          5k - 17:53 (4/19)   10k - 37:53 (11/18)   Half - 1:23:18 (4/19)   Full - 2:50:43 (4/19)


                          Taper Czar


                            You forgot about Slammin. He’s older than he looks. 😉



                            Oof sorry, you're completely right, missed the guy who may actually be in the lead! Also Nimmals thanks for the taper advice.


                            My calf is so sore 2 days later, can't believe a cramp in the middle of the night could cause this. Going to try something new for this race and take the day off directly before. Usually I take 2 days off before, but I've noticed feeling very fresh the day after an off day lately, so I want to try it out on a relatively low stake race.

                            5K: 16:51 (8/19)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:15:28 (3/20)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


                            Next Race: Whatever COVID-19 will allow me to run 

                              Good point about Nimmals; running a 2:34 at 46 probably takes the cake.


                              JMac: Good luck on the 5k; I hope the dew point cooperates for once.


                              I just looked at the Berlin website, and it turns out you need to run your qualifier on an AIMS certified course. There are only 12 of those in the US, and neither of the 2 races I've run sub 2:55 on are in that group. Neither is Erie. So that sucks. Looks like I am out for Berlin for 2020; maybe if I run/qualify on one of the AIMS courses next year I can go for Berlin in 2021.

                              2:52:16 (2018)


                              Stotan Disciple

                                JT Reeves I was watching the USA Champs and I was rather annoyed at Chelimo its a strategy of course but its a poor way to win. Final 100 Chelimo came and drifted Lomong all the way to the end of lane 3 when Lomong  was like enuff . Chelimo feigned being checked, when in the first instance he tried to do a Molly Huddle with outstretch arms.  Lomong brushed it away Chelimo pinballed to the other side. Absolutely hillarious I can imagine him being a footballer/basketballer and flopping every charge every tackle every brush.

                                Quigley too Pushed Marissa so hard I fell out my chair. Then the Poor girl fell in the water jump still got up and finished 5th just mising Doha by 1 spot. what a fantastic weekend.


                                So today I went back to Deek (Aussie) quarters and they aren't so bad I had fun even though I hated them I felt so strong.


                                JMAC which 5k are you doing this weekend?


                                Cinnamon congrats on a great race I was more impressed that you kneeled but that was a ridiculous time. Definitely should be up there in age grading charts. I dont know your age but I know you have a grown  kids so I'll guess early 50's. that probably a 86-89%

                                Thinking should be done first, before training begins.