2019 Sub 3 hour marathon thread (Read 640 times)


    I lost everything I typed for the race report kicking myself not doing it again sorry pissed that i wasted time never saved accidentally deleted.


    Had a great meeting with JMAC, its always good to put a name to a face.


    Falmouth Wrote a great race report but due to slopiness lost it by closing the page accidentally, not typing it over.



    Type Date Description Time Distance Elevation
    Run  Sun, 8/18/2019  Run to my Car 7:31 0.63 mi  49 ft 
    Run  Sun, 8/18/2019  Cool Down 19:39 2.25 mi  0 ft 
    Race  Sun, 8/18/2019  Falmouth Road Race  38:05:00 7.11 mi  46 ft 
    Run  Sun, 8/18/2019  Warm up 21:54 2.88 mi  46 ft 
    Run  Sat, 8/17/2019  Easy Run 31:30:00 4.05 mi  400 ft 
    Run  Fri, 8/16/2019  Easy Run 43:05:00 4.71 mi  92 ft 
    Workout Thu, 8/15/2019  Mona Fartlek 1:06:14 8.01 mi  115 ft 
    MLR Wed, 8/14/2019  🏃🏃🏃 Pequa Peacock 11 mile run 1:34:16 10.94 mi  92 ft 
    Workout Tue, 8/13/2019  2k Tuesday’s Pequa Peacock 1:21:39 9.83 mi  92 ft 
    Run  Mon, 8/12/2019  5 mi Easy Run  46:22:00 5.13 mi  74 ft 

      Nimmals: Sorry you lost the race report; could you just give us a couple sentences on Falmouth? I saw you won your AG; in a race of >11,000 people that is damn impressive.

      5K: 17:55 (2017)    HM: 1:23:57 (2016)    FM: 2:52:16 (2018)


      Benevolent Leader

        ZZ - More positive than negative is always a win.


        JT - looks like another good weekend upcoming for humidity (of course I'm missing again!) I think it's a bit too early to tell the weather, but you already knew that. A week before this past 5K, they said dew points would be 55 or so. They turned out to be 73. Not even close.


        Madison - another great week, keep chugging along.


        DW - my soul was getting destroyed by this humidity lately. Usually I get sad around Labor Day due to the end of summer, but I cannot wait for this weather to break. I have to say it really is a treat that I'm not doing marathon training in August, which I'm usually doing due to NYC being the first weekend in November. CIM FTW.


        Jay - nice race


        Nimmals - I saw your time and was amazed given the conditions. You are a real beast. How did you even get to the race btw, ferry or did you drive all the way around?

        5K: 16:51 (8/19)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:16:05 (10/19)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


        Next Race: TBD


          I drove all the way. I was very pissed today to find this guy who was around me entire race going back and  forth was a Master never said anything I let him pull away after last hill thinking I'll save my legs for a Tuesday  workout and he was a 40 Year old then post in Strava how he pulled of the win. He even congratulated me afterwards, I had no idea who he was but he was racing against me.


            Nimmals: Sorry you lost the race report; could you just give us a couple sentences on Falmouth? I saw you won your AG; in a race of >11,000 people that is damn impressive.


            I'll rewrite it tonight.


              JTReeves - I'm in Madison, WI, so it wasn't too hot, but we did have 90% humidity. The race has definitely shrunk and slowed down (I was 33rd five years ago and five minutes faster - I was 45th this year), so there wasn't a big group to cruise with.


              darkwave - thanks! Good week - I know that it's common for you, but I can't image 95 minutes of pool running.


              jayluf - That sounds like a good trail race, despite the literal wall.


              Nimmals - congrats on the race!


              Splits from Madison Mini (Watch Splits):

              2 Mi - 14:17 (12:54) [6:27/mi]

              5 Mi - 34:33 (33:04) [6:37/mi]

              10 Mi - 1:08:10 (1:06:40) [6:40/mi]

              Last 5k - 21:00 (21:20) [6:53/mi]

              Looking at the mile-by-mile splits, I'm actually cheerier about this. I was feeling okay (tired, but not mauled) and holding steady at 6:50ish pace through some moderately rolling hills. And even with the bathroom break, I recovered well.


                Met JMAC

                Saturday morning I went to check out Hope Runs Here 5K I wanted see JMAC go sub 17 in a 5k. Upon meeting him we had a great meet and greet. It’s always a pleasure to put a face to people you chat with online. I gave him some pointers on the course how to take advantage of the tangent because the first turn is a left turn but running on left worst way to run. Was happy to see he took my advice. What was funny is for a while he was the only one on the left people must have been why is he there??? And he must have thought, was I too trusting...  Did Boyd set me up?  It's a course I know, with a false right sweeper so going left early is a bad idea.  I run up to the 1st mile and then I ask  Jeff Steinberg to remind JMAC to "be the string and not the Bow". I always tell my athletes that on a sweeping curve "be the string and not the Bow." By then he leads the race and he again executes, I run the mile back and shout encouragement "use your arms to drive your knees....  finish strong" He picks it up and runs a PR on a hot humid course. I'm stoked. I say a quick congrats and take off to shower pack and hit the roads to Falmouth.



                 The race

                I line up fourth row and we're off I had planned to run with young Nick so I go beside him his plan was 5:25 per mile. I  keep an eye on Ryan who I assumed would be my biggest threat. I run about 5:28 pace not wanting to go faster until I had a sense of where my competition would be. We go through the 1st mile in %:25  Ahead I see Matt from 101 Streets. He beat me at Boiler maker I  saw him in Woods Hole he didn’t say hello so I decided id buzz him . He is in a group of about 20-21 guys about 50m ahead and we are climbing  I leave my small cadre of about 5 and head into No man's land. no one goes with me. Mind you I'm doing a surge on a hill climb. I quickly go flying by him and the entire group he is out hard and breathing I buzz the entire group and goes after another group slightly ahead. I catch the group and realize its Caleb and Bobby two of the high schoolers in the mile. The first three miles are rollers and hills we go through two miles in 10:43. I tag on the back of the high schooler group of 5 for a little bit. as soon as they relaxed, I go through them. I hear one of them say 'Hahaha look at the old man go'...  As the other laughs. I say nothing and drop a 5:20 mile I go through 3 miles in 16:07 and hit 5K in 16:41. the hills are over and its now muggy I decide to relax and see if my competitors are nearby.  I grab a water dumping it on my head and snatch another for a sip.

                5:24 (1 mi), 5:23 (2 mi), 5:20 (3 mi), (16:41 5k)


                The High schoolers catch up to me and I notice a guy in Orange Bryn Mawr they are like "the old man's fading" as they passed me. I let them go and run 5:24 through mile 4 21:39 they are 20M ahead and start to slow and Bryn Mawr and 1 high schooler guessing Gartner Surge ahead I catch and past Bobby and watch Caleb these kids that were so full of lip. Put on a surge, I catch and pass Caleb and Bryn Mawr drops back I go through mile 5 in 27:00 I start to relax and look for other Masters so I relax start to peep back looking for yellow bibs we hit 6 miles in 32:20. Bryn Mawr is back and surges a head I look for Caleb but he didn’t come I wanted to beat the high schooler . Bryn Mawr surges a head and gaps me by 15M I work and haul him in and lead him through the 6.5 he surges again and I sat with him I’m looking and its almost over one last hill. I look around for another master and Bryn Mawr surges. I go with him but think 2k Tuesday relax its uphill and finish so I relax and Bryn Mawr looks back and surges I let him go and maintains pace finishing in 38:05 with a 5:26 last mile. Bryn Mawr comes over to say great race. I do a short cool down then hangs out with Sybil and her boyfriend. I see Ruffo again but I decide not to bother her about joining Mona. I have Sybil check the results by all accounts we won our divisions and likely masters.

                5:24 (4 mi), 5:26 (5 mi), 5:20 (6 mi), (33:43 10k)


                I go look for race director to say thanks Sybil and I don’t find him so we pack up and walk run. they took me to my car and continued we wished each other congratulations and suggest have Haddock find us another masters race. I go change and get ready to leave I knew traffic would be bad so I had no plans of sticking around. I get some Pepsi and hit the road for home. I’m home by 6:30 again another 8 hours on the road. While home I check the results. There is a 40 year old who finish just a few seconds ahead I'm like it can't be I marked everyone and defended any move. Monday I scour the videos and realize Bryn Mawr in the green Bib was the 40 year old.


                 The Cheat

                Bryn Mawr was a guy who was on me the whole time and he was wearing a green bib. I didn’t think he was a master. in retrospect he was focused on me you would see we had similar splits at both 5k and 10k.  At the start I shook hands with all the masters and knew who they were wished them luck and a good race. Now I find out there was another masters runner there who did not declare himself a master and he pretty much ran beside\behind me the entire race. As we were going up the final hill for home he took off I thought I had the masters race won and so I kept a consistent pace while he sprinted. I just saw him following me on Strava. I saw his post. I think it was very unsportsmanlike to race beside me with a non-elite bib then bolt toward the finish line and I did not know we were competing against each other for the masters win. If you see the finish I am in view as he finishes. I would have happily dropped a 5:10 mile had he been wearing a yellow bib. That’s a damn sneaky and foul way to run a race when bibs clearly identify your competition.

                  Wow, thanks for taking the time to re-write this Nimmals. Great report. Very cool to read the play by play of your race and all that happened. It must have been awesome to be among all the elites pre-race. That does sound like dirty pool what the 40 year old did. Still, you won 45-49 and at a race like Falmouth that's a big deal.

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                    Great race report. Few takeaways


                    1) Thanks again for the race tips, I definitely looked like an idiot running on the “wrong” side of the road but it saved me some time!

                    2) I’m surprised you drove all the way around! I would consider the ferry next time, much more relaxing and cuts out a lot of traffic.

                    3) Can’t believe you ran so well given all of the travel you did to find a bed

                    4) Can’t believe you ran so well given the conditions

                    5) Can’t believe you ran so well...ah fuck it I’m just impressed!

                    6) I hope the non-elite bib guy just didn’t know the etiquette, not that he was just a douche.

                    5K: 16:51 (8/19)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:16:05 (10/19)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


                    Next Race: TBD


                      JMac: Huge congrats on getting the sub 17!  Thinking that was at least good enough for a mid 16 effort in that soup!  Enjoy your downtime coming up!  Awesome that you got to meet up with Nimmals!


                      Nimmals: Wow what a race report!  You have some great knowledge and tips!


                      Captain: great job on your half and even better with the stop built in.


                      JT: Hoping that the weather changes a bit for you.  Think you'll be well prepared no matter what you decide.


                      Madison:  Great week again.  Love that threshold pace!


                      DW: Great and smart looking week.  Just think we are most of the way through August and fall should be right around the corner for most of this forum.


                      Jay:  Nice report and glad you are okay after the fall.  Trails are almost another sport from road running Wink


                      Me: As alluded to by others I ran a 10 mile night race on the famous clay loop in Clermont on Saturday.  Thankfully, it was cloudy most of the afternoon which kept temperatures in the upper 80's (as opposed to mid 90's) so by the time the race rolled around (8:20 pm start) it had cooled a bit to the low 80's.  Dew points were also a bit lower (mid 70's) than in recent days.  Also knew going in that the course would be on the softer side as we have had quite a bit of rain over the last 2 weeks so that would likely impact footing and pace.  Knew from the start that not alot of faster folks were going to be there so took off trailing just one guy and figured he would win the race easily so just decided to stick with my own effort.  First mile or so was a gentle downhill and noticed I was already in the high 5's so backed off just a bit and continued that effort for the first couple.  Turned a corner just before mile 2 which had the toughest climb in the entire race and noticed the guy in front of me was already fading a bit and came up to him at the first fluid station (he was from Europe and mentioned that the heat got to him quickly).  Ended up passing him somehwere between mile 2 and 3 which had a few more decent climbs and felt pretty decent clicking off low 6 pace.  What I didn't realize is that my lead had grown to almost 2-3 minutes by the mid point of the race as when I turned another corner at mile 5 I did not see any headlamps behind me at all.  This race was incredibly dark!  Mile 6 had another decent climb so my pace slipped a bit, but I was able to click off some of my fastest miles between mile 6-8.  By this time my lead must have extended to another few minutes so I was actually able to walk and reset a bit through the last 2 water stops by dumping water on my head as I was feeling pretty warm.  Also got to enjoy the Magic Kingdom fireworks (Clermont is about 5 miles west of Disney) which was nice as it gave me something mentally to help me over those final few miles.  Mile 9 was incredibily soft and at a few points lost my footing (thankfully did not fall) as it felt like I was running on the soft beach sand instead.  By this time I had caught up to folks finishing the 5K so that helped with lighting a bit as it was incredibly dark running on my own from miles 2-8.  Was able to close the race with a final sub 6 mile and ended up winning the race by just about 6 minutes.  All in all very happy with the effort especially considering the softer clay/sandy surface, hills, and mid-August heat in central Florida.  Figure this was about equal to my hopeful marathon pace in cooler weather and on the roads.  Will certainly do this event again, but would have liked a bit more competition up front, which would have helped from the mental side of things.  Strongly recommend anyone visiting central FL to check out the Clermont Clay loop.  Lots of elites have done training runs here!




                      Weekly Summary
                      Monday, Aug 12, 2019 thru Sunday, Aug 18, 2019














                      Just in time 🌩 





                      Warm up + strides





                      3 X 1T'ish





                      Cool down















                      40min w/ strides





                      Warm up





                      Howl at the Moon Birthday 10 miler - 1st OA 🍰 🌚 💀 





                      Cool down





                      Extra sleepy miles






                      5K: 16:44 (11/18)  |  10K: 34:30 (11/19)  |  HM: 1:15:53 (12/19)  |  FM: 2:48:58 (1/18)


                        JT Reeves thanks I had a great race and The Sneak will be at Cow Harbor. so I get to race him again soon.


                        JMAC Thank you for the kind words.The pleasure was all mine I was so happy for you. Last week I tapered for Falmouth, running a 34:30 10K on a 100Mile week confirmed for me I was in great shape. Plus I am losing weight down to 152\154 so I am hoping to toe CIM at 145 lbs. Madison "Let's Roll Buddy."


                        ZZCaptainObvious Thank you and nice job at Madison Mini


                        Weatherboy Thank you, congrats on a great 10 Miler race. Friday was my Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday. Yeah I rememeber asking if you ever get to the Cermont Clay loop. btw both my aunts have homes in Clermont. My Aunt said they will be paving part of it soon which will diminish a great running surface and its the only hills around for miles.


                          Nimmals- I am not in the same class as you, but I'm a 40 year old runner that is looking to compete for the masters win in some smaller races.  What is this bib situation you are talking about?  Is this particular for this one race, that you can choose whether to wear yellow or green?  I've never gotten to choose my bib color before.

                          5k- 18:55 (2018)    10K- 39:04 (2017)    Marathon- 3:00:10 (2018)


                            Masters' bibs, with a yellow flood and a number with an M at the front, were assigned using the information provided to us by athletes, after that information was verified. We assign those numbers as a courtesy to runners over the age of 40 who may or may not be competitive with other runners over 40. Although rare, there are instances where an individual who was not assigned a masters' bib, place in the top three of the masters' field. As an example, the second place finisher in the women's master's division for this year was not assigned a masters' bib.

                            Many races have assigned bibs for the various divisions low bibs open men  F for women M for masters. or ranges. this race used a yellow bib with M for masters competitive.


                              Had a really solid week overall. Originally it was all easy miles on my schedule but after bouncing back quickly from the trails, coach gave the go ahead to put in some work at mod effort wednesday / saturday.  Was nice to have some early fall weather in DC past few days!


                              Weekly Summary
                              Monday, Aug 19, 2019 thru Sunday, Aug 25, 2019

                              <tfoot> </tfoot>
                              Day Miles Pace Description Link
                              Tue 8.0 8:00 Back to our normally scheduled grind strava
                              Wed 10.0 7:07 Finding Flow strava
                              Thu 10.0 7:48 Heat acclimated, just in time for fall 🤦‍♂️ strava
                              Fri 8.0 8:39 Friyay shakeout strava
                              Sat 16.0 6:51 SLR - A beautiful day in the neighborhood strava
                              Sun 12.3 7:58 SLR - photobombing all the tourists 📸 strava
                                64.3 7:38

                                Still need to respond to a few weeklies from last week...


                                Madison: Great week last week; I'm excited to hear how the half went, whether you raced it or went MP.


                                DW: Another solid week. Looks also like you had a great mile race in MI this weekend, looking forward to hearing about it.


                                jayluf: Great job on that 25k in sauna-like conditions! Also great long run this weekend.


                                Weather: Nice race report for the 10-miler; that's crazy having to go most of the race in the dark! Winning by that big of a margin must have made it worth it. Happy birthday BTW!


                                My week: I wanted to run a 10 mile time trial on the track Saturday morning, and though the mind was willing the body was weak and tired. So I modified it to a hard workout. I've pretty much decided to skip Erie and do Hartford. The forecast still looks way too warm, and I'm willing to tolerate more hills as a trade off for cool temps. Plus I think I could benefit from the additional training time and it will give me a few more weeks to lose weight. This damn lasagna weight is harder than I thought to drop. I'm at about 163-164 but would like to hit 160 for the race.


                                Weekly Summary
                                Monday, Aug 19, 2019 thru Sunday, Aug 25, 2019

                                <tfoot> </tfoot>
                                Day Miles Pace Description Egain Link
                                Tue 10.1 7:47 Morning Run w/ modified Monaghetti 511 strava
                                Wed 10.1 8:33 Morning Run 509 strava
                                Thu 10.1 8:11 Morning Run 504 strava
                                Sat 3.1 7:17 Warm up 0 strava
                                Sat 8.2 6:13 6400, 3200, 1600m; 800m recovery 0 strava
                                Sat 2.3 8:19 Cool down 0 strava
                                Sun 9.4 9:46 Trails in Sega Park 615 strava
                                  53.3 8:06   2139  

                                5K: 17:55 (2017)    HM: 1:23:57 (2016)    FM: 2:52:16 (2018)