2019 Sub 3 hour marathon thread (Read 619 times)


    Bitch calves got me on heartbreak

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      I had assumed that JMac/Weatherboy/Finbad would all start together....but they obviously wanted to run their own races with interesting outcomes!


      JMac - You are the Master now and never run a bad race...so bring on CIM as you will destroy it!!!


      MMC - Congrats on the Sub 3....of course you’ll be faster next time. 👍

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        Thanks for the tracking folks. Those last 6 miles were the worst I've felt mentally in a race in a long time.


        Mikkey - I looked everywhere for the boys in the village bit especially in the corral but couldn't find them. We probably would have lasted half a mile together anyway.


        I ran into Fin right at the start of the Newton hills. Said hi and (now looking back, foolishly) told him I felt good and was holding back til 20. LOL at that. I had about every negative thought possible from 20 on, but glad I somehow held it together for a PR. I didn't think the heat was getting to me, but I was done coming off Heartbreak.


        Will write up a race report because I PR'D, but for now, I am so glad that race is over.

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          Fauble straight fire 🔥 today.  That kid is so nails.


          Agree, this was a breakthrough race for him. Building well off of NYC last year.

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            Really great results guys! Proud of the forum. Only positive thing in my race was beating Jimmie Johnson. I think the humidity got me but also my inner thighs were really hurting by mile 8 or so . It was a rough day right from the start, as the 5-10 extra minutes the guy at the expo said I needed to allow driving into hopington was more like an hour, and I wound up skipping athlete's village and jogged 2+ miles right to the start.

            5k- 18:55 (2018)    10K- 39:04 (2017)    Marathon- 3:00:10 (2018)

              Table updated with the Boston results. Great running everyone!


              JMac continues to put down amazing performances. Wait till this guy runs a flat course!


              Mikkey: I added you in the table for London (even though you did not ask me to ). Let me know if you want a goal time listed there.

              5K: 17:55 (2017)    HM: 1:23:57 (2016)    FM: 2:52:16 (2018)

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                Fell apart after 10k. It was a run/walk last 11 miles. Brutal. Just wasn’t my day! Any other race I would have stepped off after 15k.


                Congrats to you all! Some amazing performances today despite the conditions. Incredibly inspiring!


                  Good stuff Boston runners... sounds like a tough day weather-wise albeit not as bad as it could have been.


                  Thanks also to all of you on Strava for the support for my race on Sunday... just one of those days where everything fell into place.  I thought I had a PR in me... but not by almost a whole damn minute!


                  JMac - congrats on another big PR, you are on such a roll at the moment.  If I do another FM I'm gonna have some serious work to try and catch you!  If it's any consolation, I ran a positive split in my HM on Sunday too haha.

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                    Not a fan of those hills at the end, but I cannot get over how cool that race was. From the jets flying over, to the Wellesley scream tunnel (anyone get a kiss?), to the guy running next to me who grabbed a beer at BC, there was never a dull moment. That was an experience I’ll never forget.


                    Race Recap:


                    Was feeling fantastic through 17 or 18 miles, was consistently between 6:20-30 per mile. Underestimated the first hill in Newton but was maybe 6:53 for that mile. Kept that pace through the second, but going up heart break I started to cramp up. Hips and calf’s got super tight and the pace slowed a lot after that. Tried to use the downhills to recover but it wasn’t enough. I was in a weird place where my body was ready to start moving, but if I did my calf would seize up. With 4 miles to go, it got way worse. I ended up stopping and stretching my calf 6x. I actually ended up limping across the finish with cramps on both calves. Was sitting on the ground after and my calves were pulsating.


                    Root Cause: Poor fueling. I went through three Huma goos (at the start, 10k, 20k) and grabbed one of those cliff ones. I tried it and it was so thick that I barely had any. That was my last goo. Had three cups of water during the race since I really struggled to drink out of the cups, even when pinching it.


                    Kind of bummed how today turned out. I thought ~2:50ish was reasonable. Learned a valuable lesson today about the importance of fueling and it’s definitely something I need to practice in the future, especially drinking water/Gatorade. Wanted to train without fueling but there are some pros and cons to doing that as I learned today. Pre race prep was perfect, I think I’ve nailed what to eat to not have issues on race day.


                    I’m taking off until Saturday but running will be light after. Planning to focus on studying the GRE, so running may take a back seat for a bit. I don’t have any races, other than a 1500 in 2 weeks. I want to focusing on getting my mileage up for sure.


                    It was too bad I didn’t get to meet up with any of you. Hopefully there will be some future opportunities. Probably will not post too often until I get serious again, but I’ll be lurking!

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                      MMC: Congrats on the PR and sub 3, even though it was not as fast as you wanted. You'll come back much stronger and wiser for the next one.


                      Good luck on the GRE. What will you study in grad school?

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                        Thanks JT! Not sure yet, I’d like to do electrical engineering, but my BS is in chemical engineering so need to take a lot of pre reqs. Mechanical engineering is also an option. I’d like a score first before I make any decisions.

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                          That's great MMC, always good to see young people pursuing careers in science. It's a tough path but well worth it IMHO.

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                            Thanks for tracking folks, not my day today. I'm happy I put the balls on the table but not so happy that the humidity etc smashed them with a hammer! Went out for 2:40 and knew about 15k it was over  watched the various goals float away and decided to enjoy it.

                            Amazing event.

                            Saw jmac and a few rwol folk on course and after in the bar. Put some guy in the recovery position at mile 25! Sure I saw Nimmals on course but he was actively coaching so I didn't interrupt (were you one of 3 guys in black vests?).

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                              Nimmals may have passed me... By any chance were you telling your athlete to run with her ass up one of the hills? Could have been anyone, but had a feeling it was you

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                                I should also point out that all of my weather complaints count for nothing cos the Scotland based guy I ran the first half with did a negative split for 2:39. Big respect to everyone who hung tough today.

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