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    So me and my beau got engaged over the weekend! Just thought I'd share Smile Kimmer Big grin
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      Congratulations!! Such romantic news! Smile



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          That's awesome, Kimmer! Congrats.

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            congratulations!! Big grin
              Smile congratulations!
                Congratulations! Have any particular date in mind yet?

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                  yay! congrats!! tell us about the proposal!

                  madness baby

                    So exciting, kimmer! Congrats!! Big grin Oh I hope that engagement time goes slowly for you-- so fun!
                      Congratulations!!! Big grin

                      Roads were made for journeys...

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                        Oh, that is such excellent news! I always like hearing happy stuff like that on a Monday! Got any dates in mind? Smile k

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                          Congratulations! That's fantastic news!
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                            Congratulations!!!!!!! How wonderful!! Smile


                              another one bites the dust..next thing you know you'll be running in a running skirt... congratulations...

                              madness baby

                                omg steve, that is hilarious. are you a fan?