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    I recently got myself some Odlo base layers with the whole 'wicking thing' going on. I guess its like a second skin in that it fits snug against the body. Any tips on the best way to wash them? Am I able to just whack it in with the normal laundry? How about any no-no's in regards to detergent? I guess the same question applies to tights?
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      From what I read, you should follow the washing and drying instructions on the clothes. If it asks for high heat in the dryer, do just that because that supposedly restores the clothes' wicking abilities. After a while, the technical clothes will develop an odor because it gets trapped in the fabric. You should definitely NOT use a fabric softener as that ruines the fabric. You could look into sports wash for technical clothes to eliminate odor. I use something call Penguin Wash. They give out sample packets at certain marathons and they really work. I haven't tried other sport washes but I think they all work the same.