Carioca's land on there forefeet. (Read 460 times)

Don't overstride!

    Carioca's are people from Rio De Janiero.


    I was in Rio for a few weeks for the Holiday's and noticed that the many runners are almost exclusively fore foot strikers. My wife a Carioca's told me that that is the way she was taught to run in grade school.  Smile

      Taught, eh?  The only instruction I got in running came from places like RA, and not until I was well into my 50s.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

      Don't overstride!

        I thought my wife was kidding until I started learning about running form. such as Chi running, Pose method,  etc.

        I was a heal striker back then and thought that was the best way to run.  I currently am a mid foot striker and I am trying to increase my cadence to the elite standard of 180 from my current 160.