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    Hi everyone! I am wondering, how do you guys log triathlons in your training logs? Do you generate separate swim, bike and run entries? Is there a way to generate an entry compiling the different activities? Thanks in advance. Regards!!!

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      Take a look at my log. It may/may not help. The graphing is centered around running; however, I track bike, swim and weight sessions here as well.

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        I have been logging them as three different legs, so it looks as though I did a swim race, bike race, and run race on the same day -- but that is only because I don't know a better way. Obviously handling them as separate races doesn't really give you an appropriate place to put the overall stats -- time, placement. I'm interested to see if anyone knows a good way to log them. I haven't done one since the new log was rolled out -- maybe it has some better way to handle them?

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          Thank you for your replies!Smile

            I also log them separately and I think it makes sense to since they are different work outs. Feel free to look at my log and see how I've been doing it. For an actual triathlon race, I log it as an event and label it the name of the race. Nice to see lots of other nutty triathletes on here! Cool

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              So far I've just logged each stage as a workout and put enough information in the comment to recall what happens regarding transition, etc. Placement, etc I've put in with the last stage, just as my own convention. I'm still primarily running so I'm not too bothered about the details but it is nice to be able to track each discipline and any improvements over time would be welcome.
                I log them as separate events. Question - does anyone log transition time?

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                  I log triathlon races like John and Lianne - I put down races as an "event" then I log each event seperately (I don't log the transitions, there's just not enough room). You can look at my log from last season to see how I did it. I raced in June, August, Sepember and October of 2008. Hey Sherry - make your log public so we can take you up on your offer to check out your log. Go in under "log preferences" and you can make it public. Good luck. Fisa - Are you preparing for anything in particular?

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                    I've done just one. I created a workout type called "triathlon" and entered it like this: http://www.runningahead.com/logs/2376c12d38f24c3ab7809b5d593153a1/workouts/a47940e44fc042f098a79ef7b9571843 If the T1 & T2 times had been available, I would have logged them under the intervals, probably as "rest" though we know there's not much rest going on then...

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