Timex Ironman Triathlon Speed & Distance System vs. Garmin Forerunner 201 (Read 2133 times)

    I'm contemplating purchasing one of these systems...anyone have a recommendation one way or the other? BTW, great site!!! Thanks Tom (Tokyo, Japan)
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      Hi Tom! I've been using the Timex GPS with the heart rate monitor for over a year now, and I have many friends that have the Garmin Forerunner. Here's what I think about each of them. Hopefully, it will help more than confuse you... Tongue I like the Timex because it's modular. I can wear the watch alone when I go on races, or wear the HR when I'm at track. The down side to the Timex is that it's modular. Too many pieces to put on before going on a run. I don't like it's time display because I can't tell the difference between 3 hrs 13 mins 44 secs and 3 minutes 13.44 seconds because they are both displayed as 3.13.44. It also doesn't keep the max heart rate, which I think is quite important at track. It goes through 3 AAA batteries in about 11 hours. The latest model uses 2 AA, which might last longer. The Forerunner is nice in that it's one piece. I don't like it being so much bigger than a watch. However, it's quite light, so you'll probably won't notice it on your wrist after a while. It has many more features than the Timex, which, could distract you from running. However, it probably collects more data than this site's running log can handle :-) Being the owner of the Timex, I say go for the Garmin, simply because it's one piece, unless you get the 301, which comes with the heart rate monitor strap. That's all I could think of right now. Mind if I ask what are you doing in Japan?
        Thanks very much for the informative response! Don't mind at all...I work for U.S. Army Japan. Happy trails! Tom
          Have used the Timex Bodylink ( modular ) system for over a year, my brother-in-law a forerunner 201 for the same amount of time. Forerunner has some great benefits, rechargeable, stored memory, uploadable to PC. Timex is a functional watch by itself, and I use the HR monitor and GPS together and individually. Never did buy the 4th component to record my run data.....I see the new Timex systems have made the GPS receiver smaller, and the new Trail runner has even more features. After all that rhetoric, I like the timex system i have but sometimes I covet the forerunner's extra features. If I had purchased the garmin, pretty sure I would be looking at the timex with envy. Moral of the story: I bought a system, made me run even more to justify the purchase.....which was the greatest reward of all. Anthony

            I had a GPS based system for about a year (the timex body-link). My only problem with it was that many of my runs were in tree lined routes, and often I would loose the satelites. I have switched to Polar S&D system (about $200) which includes an foot "pod" that is able to measure speed and distance. I am very happy with this solution..