Map link?? (Read 517 times)

    How about an option to link to an existing map in addition to having the ability to copy an existing map? I did a 10K this weekend and the course was already in the database. For me to put it in my training log, I had to copy the map (using the button link) but then it creates a duplicate entry in the search results.
      corb, Although it's not advertised, the site employs a reference counting scheme for maps. When you make a copy of an existing map, your copy is actually a link to the original map. If everyone makes a copy of the NYC Marathon map, there will still be only 1 NYC Marathon map in the database. If you make changes to a shared map, the server saves your changes as a separate map. This is how there are duplicate entries in the search results. By saving any changes as a separate map, it ensures that your shared maps will not be modified by other users. At the same time, the maps that you've copied will not change even if their creator decided to make adjustments to them. eric Smile
        Ok. I didn't realize that's what was going on.