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    I just purchased my 2nd running wizard plan to train for my 2nd half. The race is April 27th. I'm basically restarting from stopping running in June. I have a foot that needs surgery from a bunion and the podiatrist who is a runner recommended resting it and letting the nerve inflammation go away so we can put off surgery until my youngest is in school. because of this I didn't get to complete my first RW plan that had started right after my half. I'm nervous about the longest run being only up to 5.5 miles On this new plan. Will I truly be able to complete a half on that? I've been running 1.5 miles a few days a week the last month and ST 3-4 days a week.  I managed to complete my first half on my own made up plan that consisted of long miles. No tempo runs. No hills But the ones on my path. I'm sure this plan will be much better. But like I said, I'm a little nervous about it.

      You asked, so, to me, this just seems like a bad idea all around. Think about this for a second...18 or so weeks from today - starting from scratch - you want to complete a distance that will be 1.5 times longer than your longest run and likely more than your entire weekly mileage from any of those 18 weeks. You'll be out on that course for 2.5 or more hours having not run more than an hour in over a year.


      You probably have some very good reason to want to do this, and it's quite possible you can physically do it. But it doesn't sound like April 27 will be very fun. I think you should at least consider putting off tackling that distance for a few more months down the line, until you can reasonably build up to it.

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        I could use a conventional training plan I suppose but I know Running Wizard has been highly spoken of And I already bought the plan. Maybe I might just add in some actual long runs. I managed to complete my last half on about a 14 week training plan from scratch with wisdom teeth surgery, illnesses, and vacations all happening and ran a 2:34 which I realize isn't speedy but I ran it and enjoyed it.  Just not completely familiar with the Lydiard form of training.

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          I agree with Kevin, but one other possibility would be to run/walk it.  That's what I did in April for a race I was not prepared for, due to my son's hospitalization and other family emergencies (tough year).  For most of the race, I ran a minute, walked a minute, etc.   It was still tough, but I was meeting up with some RA friends and didn't want to miss out on it.  To be honest, I probably wouldn't do that again!  I've signed up for another half marathon next October with RA gals, and I will be trained properly for that race.


            FYI, there is a dedicated running wizard forum. You can ask your questions there as well.


              Thank you!