London Marathon Race Report (Read 1351 times)

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    Freckles - congratulations! As everybody else said ... your transformation within a year has been amazing. The everyday discipline with your weight loss and your training has paid off. This honestly was the victory lap for everything you've done. You are a great inspiration to a lot of people on here. I enjoyed reading the race report and looking at the pictures - especially the one with your dad. Smile Enjoy your holiday!

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    I've got a fever...

      Congrats! What an amazing journey! Big grin Big grin Big grin Big grin

      On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.

        Way to go.
          Outstanding race report. The only thing better than pictures in general are good before and after pictures. And race reports with British accents. I'm suddenly craving a spot of tea and some wee bitesize Oatibix.

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            Congratulations freckles. You did Great.

            One day at a time

              Finally got a chance to read your full report - wow wow wow!! I am so proud of you. I still have goose bumps from reading it - felt like I was there! I love the photo of you and your dad - you should get it framed! Hope you're having a wonderful vacation, because you deserve it! Teresa

              Into the wild

                You've come a looooong way Freckles. I really enjoyed your report; I added a Scottish accent, I hope you don't mind Smile Really well done on the amazing weight loss, on the fantastic progress in our great sport and putting on a run which I am nominating for oustanding RunningAhead run/report of 2008. Brill.

                Shut up and run

                Outside Lane

                  I added a Scottish accent
                  Now wouldn't be cool to hear freckles reading her race report? Smile

                  See how they run...

                  Into the wild

                    Yeah right...and monkies might fly...

                    Shut up and run

                      Now wouldn't be cool to hear freckles reading her race report? Smile
                      Now THAT would make quite the podcast. Chapter 15, the tunnel...

                      Greater Lowell Road Runners
                      Cry havoc and let slip the dawgs of war!

                      May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your SPF30, may the rains fall soft upon your sweat-wicking hat, and until you hit the finish line may The Flying Spaghetti Monster hold you in the hollow of His Noodly Appendage.

                      Me and my gang in Breck

                        Thanks so much for sharing. Your such and inspiration. I really loved your report.

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                          Congratulations and great report! *** Cue girly tears at the picture with your dad!*** It is wonderful that you can share this with him! I wish my dad was still here to share in our accomplishments together. That is very special. Thanks for sharing your experience. BTW-- your before and after pics are amazing! You look great!
                            COngrats Freckles! you have an amazing story and a fantastic race report! love the pictures! The one of you and your dad sharing medals was very sweet.

                            Jennifer mm#1231

                            Eustace Tierney


                              Congrats! Some day I'll get off my lazy ass and run a marathon! Well done!

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                              You'll ruin your knees!

                                wow, just wow. Thanks Lorna, I appreciate your sharing this experience with us. Congrats! Lynn B Oh, and...numpty

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