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    Just curious what do you pay more attention to (if any) heart rate (effort) or a specific training pace. When I started running I could not jog or run with a heartrate lower than about 147 bpm (maximum recorded in a 5K is 195 bpm) which in the beginning was getting me about 11 to 12 minute miles so I always considered under 147 as easy pace. Now I try to get in the mid 130's or high 120's as an easy pace but still get stuck running awfully slow as an "easy" pace (11 to 12 minute miles).


    Now two years in my goal was to get a 5K time in under a seven minute mile average and did that three times this past fall (best time 21:35) and looking to do a bit better or at least maintain this year (only do 5K distance) and am thinking about using training pace during workouts instead of relying solely on hear rate data.


    According to the Tinman calculator training at easy pace would be about 10:11 to 9:30, moderate 8:55 to 8:40 tempo 7:59 to 7:47 and CV 7:15 to 7:05 based on the 21:35 5K time.


    Just looking for your experience and advice and appreciate any feedback in advance.


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      If you averaged 195bpm during a 5k race then your easy pace at mid 140s sounds reasonable to me. The idea is that your pace will get faster at the same heartrate when you gain fitness. That’s why you’re finding running awfully slow at 130bpm.


      Your true current tempo pace is around 7:20/25, but I think pacing by HR can be a good idea if you’re running on hilly terrain or windy conditions when it’ll be harder to hit training paces and will need to go by effort instead.

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        Thank you. The 195 bpm  is the maximum recorded heart rate I had all year during a race, for most of my races I average about 180 bpm. Every single race I've done has been very consistent. First mile about 171 - 172 average, second mile about 180 - 182 average and third mile about 185 and about 190 for the last tenth.


        I completely forgot about how the temperature will affect all of this, I do not do heat well at all and this year will skip any races in July and August all together. Once it gets hot the my hear rate goes super high during training.



          I think pay attention to pace heart rate and personal effort feel...


          but in general my easy pace of    HR=180-Age   puts me in a pretty good range/effort/etc....

          300m- 37 sec.

          Elite Jogger

            You’re over thinking the HR. Start to learn what natural easy pace feels like....cover your watch during runs and then check the HR/pace when you’ve finished. 👍

            5k - 17:53 (4/19)   10k - 37:53 (11/18)   Half - 1:23:18 (4/19)   Full - 2:50:43 (4/19)

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              I am very familiar with Tinman training. If you are in 7 min 5K pace shape now, I am thinking his easy run pace is more likely in that 9 min pace range give or take quicker or slower a bit depending on the level of runner you are on. I agree with choosing training paces based off of current fitness level or 5K race pace.

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