How to open XML data offline (Read 34 times)

    If I make a "backup" of my data offline, how can I open this in a readable format? Thanks

      did you try excel?

        Instead of using XML use the CSV option and use Excel or google docs.


        Sorry, didn't answer your questiion!  My answer to your question is "I don't know".

          After you unzip it, it is essentially human readable in notepad or any text application.  It's not organized in a tidy fashion, however.


          MTA: Here's a random clip from my log:

          <Event type="10" typeName="Run" subtype="1" subtypeName="Easy" channel="0" id="810094b072a1445aaef3b1424d279e59" time="2009-07-15T18:30:00Z">
                <Distance unit="mi">2.00</Distance>
                <Duration seconds="1016.00">16:56</Duration>
                <Route id="3d3a4a76ff464cbfb05f5ec8d7b4a8c6">home to 48th &amp; Normal</Route>
                <Equipment id="fe346af8c5eb4de0ae5262fb3d14438e">Brooks Beast 2007 - silve/blue</Equipment>
                    <Sunny />
                  <Temperature unit="F">89</Temperature>
                <Notes>Decided I ought to do a two-mile sprint, since that's kind of what Thunder Run will be.  This was disappointing.  I felt I was running like mad, at a significantly increased tempo; however, the time ended up no better than many of my long runs.  I estimate you can count 30 seconds for traffic stops.  Still...Blame the heat, whatever.  I'm confused.</Notes>

          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.