Trouble uploading from Garmin 405 (Read 157 times)


    Please excuse my computer ignorance, but, I'll do the best I can here!

    This is the message I get, altho when I click on "the Garmin Communicator Plugin" to install latest version, it shows that I HAVE the latest version and insures me that it is installed and working fine.  Even recognizes my 405.


    Device: Not connected

    GPS import currently supports the Garmin Forerunner GPS only and requires the Garmin Communicator Plugin.

    You need to install the Garmin Communicator Plugin before you can use your Forerunner with RunningAHEAD.

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    Status: Garmin Communicator not installed


    I run Windows XP, and believe I am running Explorer version 8? ...if that is the latest?  I had recently installed that one.


    I've always had great luck just uploading my latest Garmin info, but suddenly encountered this problem.  What have I done???


    Thanks for all you do!



      Is there a yellow information bar at the top of the page asking you to let the Garmin Communicator ActiveX plugin to run?  If so, you need to click Yes.


      eric Smile


        You can also try downloading the file to your hard drive. Then run that file you just downloaded.

          That was it Eric!  Thanks for the simple fix for a simpleton!   And thanks also, zonykel!