Prescription Sunglass Lenses? (Read 45 times)



    In the past I've ordered a complete pair of frames & lenses from SportRx. They were perfectly fine, but they appear to only offer grey or brown Transitions lenses. I picked-up a pair of Smith frames that fit/cover/wrap better than the Oakleys I currently have, but need to have Rx lenses made. Curious if there are other online lens labs that do a good job. I noticed Lensabl.com also offers amber (and other color Transitions), so I'm curious if they're decent. In the past I've heard good things about Revant, but they don't appear to offer the Transitions that go completely clear indoors (which I need for treadmill/bike trainer workouts).

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      I heard that Lensabl is great. I am not sure about it though as I have never tried the product myself.