Can't import gpx (from eagerfeet produced nike+ file) (Read 642 times)



    I recently used eagerfeet to produce gpx files of all my nike+ runs. Then imported them using the gpx importer. Worked great. I tried to do the same with my run yesterday and when I try to import I get an error message:


    This file cannot be imported. Possible reasons are:

    • Your data file is not in the correct format.
    • The file is in a new format.
    • There is a bug in the importer code.

    If you are certain that the file has no errors, please contact me for assistance.


    Any help is sincerely appreciated!

    thanks a bunch


      The most likely cause is the GPX file is not completely standards compliant.  I'll have to see the file to know for sure.  I'll send you a PM with my email address.