Training for Marathon, with a HM thrown in the mix. (Read 465 times)

    I am training for RnR Marathon in June, but also have a Lajolla HM planned in late April. Per my Marathon training schedule, the week before the HM is Tu-4m, We-8m, Th-5m, Su-HM. (Per the Marathon schedule, weekend should be 12m, so the HM works out well here). I want to do well in the HM, but the main goal is the marathon. Was wondering if I should "taper" the miles prior to the HM, similar to what is done prior to a Marathon, or just keep with the Marathon schedule. By the way, can't believe how far i've come in such a short time... Already thinking about buying another pair of $100+ shoes.. Who said running was cheap???

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      My opinion, and I'm sure others will disagree, but I wouldn't worry about tapering for the HM. But again, that's my opinion. I'd also be careful as to just how hard you go out in the half. You'll probably end up taking things easy the week after it, anyway.
        It looks like you already have 2 rest days (Friday and Saturday) prior to your HM, unless I'm reading your original post wrong. If true, you should be ready to toe the line on Sunday fresh and ready to go. Assuming you go easy on the 8m and the 5m (i.e., no speed work), your legs should be in good shape come Sunday. In fact, for your 4m run on Tuesday, consider doing 2 miles at or near HM race pace. This will help "remind" you of what it feels like to race .. but since its only two miles of tempo work, it won't kill your legs. Finally, Scout7 is correct that you should be careful about jumping right back into the marathon training schedule after the race. Be prepared to give your self an extra rest day (or two) that following week if needed. After a race, you are quite vulnerable to injury, so don't risk your long-term marathon success by pushing yourself too hard too quickly. Oh, and most importantly, enjoy the race!

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          I don't taper for HMs ... you've given yourself a couple rest days before the race so you should be fine. Oh, and RnR marathons are awesome!!
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            I don't taper for the 1/2's either, since i consider tham a glorified training run.
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              Ok, sounds like the concensus is to use the HM as a trainer and to stay with the FM schedule, with a slight 'take it easy after the HM'.