FAST procedure for Plantar Fasciitis (Read 167 times)



    I'm wondering if any one has had this done? I have had PF for almost 9 years and tried absolutely everything short of surgery. This seems promising but it doesn't seem to be available in my area yet (Bay Area.)





      I had plantar fasciitis for ...maybe 2 years. I am not an expert, I am only an experienced stubborn patient. I did not have FAST procedure or any other kind of invasive treatment and since it is a relatively new treatment I guess you will not find many runners who had it if any.

      I just want to share a few thoughts.

      • 2 other less invasive treatments are PRP (stands for Platelet Rich Plasma) and Extracorporeal shock wave therapy, Maybe you would like to consider these.
      • Taping was a great treatment for me.
      • Try to figure out what is the daily activity you do that flares your plantar fascia pain. It took me more than a year to understand that it is not the running but the standing on my feet at work that causes my heel pain.

      That's for now. If any of these helped you I'd be glad to share more Ideas.


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        I dealt with PF not long ago and had it for about 6 months.  What helped the most was the realization that stepping on the floor barefoot while getting out of bed every morning was re-injuring my Plantar Fascia.  I started leaving running shoes beside the bed and would step into those in the morning instead of hitting the floor barefoot.  Make sure the shoes are conventional running shoes with a normal heel lift, that's what takes the pressure off your arch.


        If you continually re-injure your arch where it's torn, you get a build-up of scar tissue that only compounds the problem.  And after 9 years, I'm sure that's something you'll have to deal with as well.


        The second most helpful thing for me was contrast baths.  Alternating soaking your foot between hot and cold water will circulate blood, and since blood brings healing nutrients to an injury while carrying waste products away, it's what helps us heal.


        Google contrast baths for water temps, hot isn't REALLY hot and cold can be tap water.  For me, a 1 minute cold water soak, followed by 3 in hot seemed to work best.   Keep that up for about 20 minutes at a time and doing it a number of times a day helps even more if you've got the time.


        And good luck, PF is a tough injury to deal with.  Make sure you BABY that arch while it's trying to heal!

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          I don't know anything about the FAST procedure but I wanted to share this video as working the trigger points in my calves helps me.