Trouble with widgets on Blog Page (Read 191 times)

    I have created a blog, and pasted in the scripts from the widgets from RunningAhead.com for it. However, the only thing that displays is a link to the main page. All the links are the same. Are the boxes (Display Last Workout, Display Latest 5 Workouts, etc.) supposed to display?

      The scripts displayed on the scripts page are the same as the scripts you use.  Since they are working properly, it has to be something in your blog.  I need to take a look at your blog in order to see what the problem is.  I'm guessing something is missing.


        It is entirely possible that I don't know what the heck I'm doing -- I'm new to blogging. Here's a link -- http://michaellynch84.wordpress.com/about/?preview=true&preview_id=1&preview_nonce=70c048db12.




          The link I sent you probably did not work -- here is a better one; http://michaellynch84.wordpress.com/.  Sorry for all the questions -- ignorance can be cured, but it's hard!




            I checked out your blog and it seems the script portion is missing from the code you copied from your log.  Can you double check your blog that it is the same as what's on RA?  If they are the same, then I'm guessing WordPress is stripping out scripts.  Unless there's a function in WP that lets you run JavaScripts, then you're out of luck.


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              This is how it looks on mine, about half way down the page on the left. But, that's only on the desk top, mobile only shows the posts.

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