Happy Repeal Day (Read 305 times)

Prince of Fatness

    Today is the anniversary of the ratification of the 21st Amendment, repealing prohibition.  Someone have a beer for me, as I am dry until Friday.  Thanks!



      Yesterday (or maybe tomorrow) is also the day that weed became/becomes legal in my state.


      Oooo oooo that smell!

      Cantcha smell that smell!!

      Oooo oooo that smell!!

      The smell of stench around yoooooooou!


      dog person




          My grandmother ran run down from Canada during Prohibition...even though she was a teetotaler herself. She was a character, that one.


              Oh no! The RWOL people brought in the spam with them. And I will be sure to celebrate this glorious occasion.

              I don't half-ass anything


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