Sign up for the December "Virtual" Race! (Read 464 times)

    Here. Distances open include 5K, 5 Mile, 10K, 10 Mile, Half-Marathon, and Marathon.

    Roads were made for journeys...

      Results are up HERE !

      Roads were made for journeys...


        thanks for pulling this together Smile It was great to finally be able to participate Big grin
        Walk + Jog = wog.
        I'm trying to Lose 5% at a time
        I support Heifer International - join me by donating via my registry

        Now that was a bath...

          Yeah thanks Janell! I really enjoyed doing this and it will be interesting to see if there is any improvement in my time next month! Claire xxx
        • jlynnbob "HTFU, Kookie's distal tibia"
        • Where's my closet? I need to get back in it.