Graphs of Pace/Distance incorrect for split of non-even mile distance (Read 48 times)


    Since Dec. 2015, for any interval workout such as 6x1 with 3 minutes recover split between each 1 mile. The graph shown shorter distance.

    For intance, the overall 9.3 miles work out only show distance less than 3 miles.

    It's not a single case, for all the 6x1 workouts on 12/11, 12/19, 12/31, 1/6, 1/11, 1/25, 2/3 and 2x3.5 workout on 2/9, they all have the problem to show the right graph.
    However, the same workout graph shown on Garmin Connect or Strava have no problem.

    eric :)

      Hi lldyh,

      I looked at the workout that you referenced and the problem is with the data.  The current batch of Garmin GPSes record when the start and stop buttons were pressed.  The graphing code ignores all the data points that come after the stop button was pressed.  Your data file contained multiple starts and stops.  The time between the stops and restarts are quite large.  I don't know how that happened.  The code was just displaying the data as presented.


      Since there is nothing wrong with the graphing code, I added a button to display all the data in your workout.


      eric Smile


        The added button works. Thanks.


        I don't know what happen either. Back to Nov. 2014, the graph have not problem at all.



        The workout was made via Garmin Connect and exported to my Garmin 310XT.


          Now the X-axis of graphs is changed from "Distance" to "Duration" by default. Would you please revert it to "Distance"?