A Violation of Bullying and Corporal Punishment Policies? (Read 714 times)

    A local band director (a fine one, IMO) had kids do ten push-ups when they messed up.  It wasn't considered punishment, really; rather, a kind of reminder that would stick.  I don't think the kids resented it, and I don't think push-ups were thereby relegated to a demeaning activity.  Just part of the learning process.  I guess my point is that it depends a lot on how it's presented.  Everyone messes up sometimes and if you mess up, you need to do something to enhance your learning.

    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

      FFS we're talking about a football coach who made a football player run.


      Single dumbest thing I've read on the internet today.

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        I find it absolutely ridiculous.  If you don't want to be a good team member and you can't handle the punishments handed out, then don't go out for sports or extra curricular activities. 


        I second Slo_Hand:  Lets not raise a generation of wussies.

        No excuses....

        Am I doing this right?


          I am in the business of raising my kids to face the real world, not put them in a cocoon until they are 18 (or even 22) and expect them to magically deal with it.  Better they start to learn to deal with it now.




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            I don't know much about football practice but I do know the washout rate of "tough" football players who thought they could make it on my wrestling team was very high and when my wrestling coach told us to run it was like offering us a break.

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              I wonder if the parent would prefer that the kid get a discipline referral for actions formerly punshed by running/push-ups, etc.  I'm sure missing a day of academics sitting in on-campus suspension would be preferable to the horrors of an athlete being requred to work out because he was disrespectful to his team and his coach. 


              If OCS is unacceptable, then are kids to be held accountable for anything?  Anyway, I think the kid was bullying the varsity team.  Doesn't that school have an anti-bullying policy?

              Feeling the growl again



                There used to be a time, as late as the 70s, where a cadre of middle-aged men spent their days and evenings chiseling out the character of unrelated young men through after-school sports.


                This comment reached me deep...my HS classmates and I recently lost a couple such mentors to cancer and heart attacks.  I wonder if the profound impact they had on the lives of hundreds of kids....dozens of which they outright turned around...was ever fully realized to them prior to their passing.


                Of course today we'd probably slap some assinine label on them for their methods and drum them out of coaching.

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                  Back when I was in 8th grade, yeah 8th grade, I played midget football.  In order to teach us to stay low coming off of the line our line coach strung a thick rope across the goal post and we did bag drills under it.  There were always a couple of kids on the team that had rope burns on the bridge of their noses.  Never happened to me ... seeing it happen to others was enough motivation.  And yeah, we were made to run extra when we screwed up.  We all turned out OK.




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                    Oh for Pete's sake. This wussiness extends to academics as well. I'm dealing with formal complaints about a very fine prof being too tough on her freshman honors students. Turns out there's a B average in her course, which is actually a little high and I had already told her she can toughen up some more. But these kids all have 4.4 and 4.5 GPAs coming out of high school so they're freaking out about Bs. WTF is a 4.5?? 


                    Reminds me of the scene in Spinal Tap about the speakers, "these go to 11". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbVKWCpNFhY 

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                      That reminds me of some college prof. rating site that was big a few years back.  Just for shits-n-giggles I looked up a couple of my favorite profs and they pretty much all scored really low.  Universally the negative reviews claimed that they were too difficult.  Huh...I never had any issues acing their classes, but I also showed up to EVERY class, wasn't hungover, did my work, and didn't wait until the last minute to write my papers, that way I only handed in a true final copy, not some cobbled-together rough draft.  It really wasn't hard to score As in these classes if people actually did exactly what was expected of them and none of these teachers ever made their expectations any mystery.

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                        I had the same "this is ridiculous" reaction as everyone else, so I did a Google search to see if I could find more details because nothing about it sounded like bullying or corporal punishment to me.  But, if this Education Week blog post  and the Des Moine Register article are true, then it leads me to believe there's more to this story than making a kid run a couple laps.   The Des Moine Register article includes past complaints about this guy and he sounds like a jerk to me, but maybe this is typical high school football coach stuff.

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                          We used to walk to and from school, uphill both ways in a blinding snowstorm. Even in June.

                          Runners run.

                            We used to walk to and from school, uphill both ways in a blinding snowstorm. Even in June.


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                              We used to walk to and from school, uphill both ways in a blinding snowstorm. Even in June.


                              Mrs. Train confirms this to be less than 0.25 miles.  Pffft.


                                Mrs. Train confirms this to be less than 0.25 miles.  Pffft.


                                Which school?


                                I went to three different elementary schools plus middle school (which was called junior high then) and high school. The Highland School, where I first crossed paths with Mrs. Train, was probably about a quarter mile--it's true. But the snowbanks were taller than me and I had to carry my little brother and sister on my back. And it was still uphill both ways.

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