Treadmill workouts (Read 656 times)

    Just to add to the fun: I will often use the treadmill in the gym for a run\walk workout (think recovering from IT Band issues) or some slow\fast intervals or incline or whatever. Right now, you have to enter in your distance and\or time. Any way to enter in your time and pace? For example, I know I walked for 2 minutes at 4 mph, then I ran for 4 mins at 6 mph, then 2 at 4.2, then 4 at 6.2, etc. The only way to do this now (using the interval form - nice idea BTW!) is to separately calculate how far I ran, and then have it calculate my pace from that. BTW - I love the sight! So much better than my old excell log! (And I may get around to asking for you to import that some point soon!)
      Oops! I knew why this post looked familiar. I apologize about forgetting to reply to your original post. I try to respond to everything, but a few slip through occasionally. Right now, there's no way to enter time and pace instead of time and distance. I suppose it's possible to enter pace and infer the distance, but it's not that easy to do (think extra fields or more choices in the preference pages). eric Smile
        No problem. I figured as much, which is why I re-posted. Cool I guess you can add my request to your long list of potential projects....and I am really happy to continue to keep doing what I have been and just figuring it out on my own. (Which isnt exactly complicated math. Wink )