Miles number show :0" while Ranking by distance (Read 34 times)

Runner Song GA



    I just recently start use this RunningAHEAD which it is a great website to record the running history for Runners.


    I met a problem for ranking in my group RED via Distance. The distance (Miles) numbers will show "0" once I rank via distance. It shows numbers (miles) in distance while I rank using Names.


    Could you help me check what this problem comes from?


    Thank you!





    ID:  Runner Song GA

    eric :)

      Hi Runner,

      The behavior is correct.  You can group the results into 3 categories and what they mean:

      • runners with non-zero mileage -  no issue
      • runners with 0 mileage - they have not logged any runs for the period
      • runners with blank mileage - you are not allowed to view their logs (probably because they're private)

      eric Smile