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      A few years back, we started receiving Sports Illustrated, which we had never subscribed to, but we figured it was just a gift from BIL.  Turns out a credit card company had opened a card in dh's name and gave SI as a free gift. Dont know quite how this happened.  Maybe he applied as part of something else.  Maybe someone did it fraudulently


    We never actually received the card.  And actually we figured out that part of the problem was they did not have our correct mailing address.  But it was close enough that the mailman delivered the magazine because we lived on a short street and magazine delivery doesnt matter.  But credit card delivery does so that was returned address unknown.    Except the card had set up some sort of if you dont activate the card then you have to pay for SI.  So even though we never had the card about 2 years later failure to pay for SI showed up on our credit report.  Nothing else ever did because the card was returned to the cc company. 

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      Several months back, I started randomly receiving Readers Digest (the large print version oddly enough). I assumed it was a Christmas present from someone, but wasn't sure who. Now this really makes me wonder if I should be more concerned. 

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        Jeebuz...we get close to a half-dozen magazines that we didn't subscribe for (several make no sense and are unrelated to any of our interests), which we'd been told were magazine publisher's way of trying to suck people in to actually pay for a subscription.  I watched for any sort of random charges on CC bills, but have yet to see anything amiss.

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